SDPD: You Are Not Alone (YANA) Program

Courtesy of Art Gurerrero, Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol Supervisor

Volunteer RSVPs (Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol) from the San Diego Police Department are available to provide regularly scheduled welfare-check visits to persons living alone who have no one else to check on them.

Under unusual circumstances, YANA candidates with full or part time caregivers may also qualify for the program.

Basic Eligibility Requirements to Participate:

  • YANA candidates must agree to participate.
  • YANA candidates must be physically and mentally able to answer the door or telephone.

Visits are on weekdays only and are always done by two RSVPs. During the visit the general health and well-being of the YANA will be checked. Typical visits are five to fifteen minutes of social interaction.

If there are problems during the visit, RSVP officers can notify emergency contacts approved by the YANA. For more significant problems or if the YANA fails to answer the door or telephone, RSVP officers can notify medical personnel or regular police officers for resolution.

Residents of University City should call the Northern Division RSVP Office at 858-552-1737 or the Northern Division front desk at 858-552-1700 for more information.

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