John Lee Evans, SDUSD: Vision 2020 for Quality Schools in Every Neighborhood

Courtesy of John Lee Evans, San Diego Unified Trustee:

Despite budget challenges, schools move forward for successful 2017-18 school year.

In June, the San Diego Unified School Board approved the balanced budget for 2017-18. It was not an easy task to adjust to a $124 million shortfall. But steps have been taken to right-size the district to protect our successful programs on into the future.

The Superintendent began the budget process by looking at what programs needed to be protected, rather than beginning with arbitrary cuts. To minimize the effects on the classroom a large number of cuts were made at the central office. Our parents and educators have placed a strong emphasis on not increasing class size. The budget cuts this year do not increase class size in our schools. This feat has not been accomplished in many districts across the state.

Ambitious Imagine UC 2020 projects between Standley Middle and Spreckels Elementary get City Parks and Recreation Board approval.

We are continuing with Vision 2020 for Quality Schools in Every Neighborhood. The elementary schools are placing an increased emphasis on grade level proficiency for every (not just most) third grader by the year 2020. UC High and other high schools are offering increased opportunities for our students in career technical training, as well as college courses on campus.

Our facilities in University City schools will continue to improve over the next few years under Propositions S and Z, approved by our local voters. The most visible improvements have been to UC High.

Now we have approval from the City Parks and Recreation Board for our ambitious Imagine UC 2020 projects between Standley and Spreckels. We are in the planning stages for an aquatic facility, a jogging path, a stage/pavilion and increased green space at the park and schools. Stay tuned for further developments as we wait for the School Board and City Council to negotiate and approve a joint use agreement.

Note: Dr. Evans spoke of Imagine UC 2020 projects between Standley and Spreckels at the UC Celebration 2020.

Photo courtesy of Greg  Hom. From left, Celebration cochair Jemma Samala (partially obscured), City Council member Barbara Bry, Celebration cochair Randall Tonini,  MC Bob Vilven and San Diego Unified School District board member Jon Lee Evans at UC Celebration 2017.

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