Yikes! Pure Water (waste water) pipelines planned for Genesee Ave; you’re invited to UCPG subcommittee meeting

Did you know that a waste water (sewage water) pipeline as well as a “Pure Water” (recycled water) pipeline (two pipes taking up one lane) are currently planned for Genesee Avenue from south of the 52 freeway north through University City to transport water to and from the North City Reclamation Plant?

The University Community (UCPG) Planning Group has convened a UCPG Pure Water subcommittee to discuss the City’s plan and decide who is going to write letters, get petitions, make phone calls to councilmen, send petitions to Caltrans, etc, to convince the City’s Pure Water project to move the pipelines to another avenue; one suggestion is to the Interstate 805 shoulder.

The UCPG Pure Water committee will meet Wednesday, October 25, 5:30 PM, at the Irvine Company conference room, 4365 Executive Drive, first floor.  All are welcome; they validate parking. Refreshments will be served.

If you have any questions, please contact UCPG Chair Janay Kruger at Janay_Kruger@msn.com

Background information:

This information courtesy of Barry Bernstein, UCCA President:

The portion that affects University City residents/businesses is not shown definitively on their alignment drawings. The current proposed construction, based on what was announced at UCPG, is as follows: From Clairemont Mesa Blvd north on Genesee (on the west side of Genesee), to Nobel Drive. East on Nobel to Town Center Drive, then north to La Jolla Village Drive.  The underground work (a 48 inch sewer line coming from the Morena sewage plant and a 36 inch clean water line) will be 12 feet wide, taking up one full lane of traffic.  Work will be done at night and the one west side lane on Genesee, where work is being done, will be reduced to one lane.  This project is expected to take a minimum of 45 days.

This information courtesy of Diane Ahern, UCCA Vice President:

I found a presentation from April about the Pure Water project. It shows the route of the pipelines to convey waste water (sewage) from the Morena Pump Station north through University City to the North City Reclamation Plant on pipes to be installed on Genesee Avenue. Follow the link for the entire presentation: https://www.sandiego.gov/sites/default/files/pure_water_phase_1_speakers_bureau_ppt_-_4-21-17.pdf

The attached image is page 11 from that presentation which shows the pipeline route on Genesee Ave from south of the 52 north to what looks like Nobel.

And just what is “trenchless construction”, a technique designed to minimize disruption? I looked up that term and here’s what I found about Trenchless Construction: The most common technique of trenchless construction involves the use of a directional drilling machine which cuts a horizontal path through the earth in which a pipe is laid. Other techniques used include: horizontal auger boring, microtunneling, pipe ramming, pipe jacking and utility tunneling. Benefits of trenchless construction also include improved safety due to the absence of steep excavations and improved environmental impacts due to the minimal disruption of soil and organisms compared to digging trenches.

Note: Post compiled by Diane Ahern from information received from UCPG and UCCA, and the City of San Diego Pure Water website at https://www.sandiego.gov/water/purewater/purewatersd.

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