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June 2018: MCAS Miramar has announced that the airfield will be open for flight operation this weekend (June 16, 17) and next (June 23, 24).

Area residents will experience flights in and out of MCAS Miramar over the next two weekends, including days and evenings, as visiting reserve squadrons will be training.

In addition, increased operations are anticipated during the week through the end of June as visiting squadrons are training with Miramar-based Marines and other personnel.

May 2018 – June 2018: Increased operations at MCAS Miramar expected from now through the end of June. This was announced at the May Community Leaders Forum and is in support of their training mission. Increased operations include day, evening and weekend hour, increased fixed wing (jets) and increased rotary wing (helicopter and osprey) flights. Visiting squadrons will train with Miramar Marines. Training will support combat readiness with air to ship training (off the coast) and air to ground training (primarily at 29 Palms).  On some evenings, field carrier landing practice (also known as Touch & Go training) and other operations could continue as late as midnight.

If you have specific question or concerns about current air operations at MCAS Miramar, contact the Operations Duty Officer (ODO) by phone at the time of the incident at 858-577-4277 and provide details about the incident including date, time, location and type of aircraft.

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April 2017: MCAS Miramar accepting permit applications for Stowe Trail

MCAS Miramar is now accepting applications for permits to access the Stowe Trail, which is now open to those who have received a valid permit. The Stowe Trail parallels the eastern border of MCAS Miramar and is now marked with appropriate signs to facilitate access to the trail by members of the San Diego community who have obtained a valid permit.

MCAS Miramar Operations Department provides world class operational and service support excellence to all tenant organizations in order to facilitate achieving strategic combat readiness and training objectives, as stated on their website.

  • For Airfield issues or inquiries, call the Airfield Operations Duty Officer (ODO) at 858-577-4277 or 858-577-4279 or email
  • For safety or noise complaints, call the numbers above for the ODO or email your safety or noise complaints with name, street address and details of complaint to include time, date, and type of aircraft if known to the ODO at
  • For Community Plans & Liaison Office inquiries, contact Kristin Camper at MCAS Miramar 858-577-6609 or email
  • For MCAS Miramar flight operations inquiries and/or safety and noise complaints, the Operations Duty Officer (ODO) prefers phone calls, rather than emails, as close to the time of the incident as possible. This allows the staff answering the phones to record and respond immediately.

To file a safety or noise complaint at other area airports, including Montgomery Field, visit

2016 Miramar Air Show pics and videos, courtesy of Ron Belanger at

Welcome to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, home to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing. Since October 1, 1997, Marines and Sailors have been living and working aboard the 23,000-acre facility. Miramar’s primary mission is to maintain and operate the facilities and provide services and material to support operations of the 3rd MAW and other tenant organizations. Read about MCAS Miramar history, commands, services and facilities, and recent news releases at

General aviation resources:

MCAS Miramar Air Installation Compatible Use Zones (AICUZ) available for review at

MCAS Miramar Fixed Wing AICUZ
MCAS Miramar Fixed Wing Flight Corridors AICUZ
Miramar AICUZ Rotary Wing Flight Corridors
MCAS Miramar Rotary Wing Flight Corridors AICUZ

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