Neighborhood Watch* Contact List

FAQFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and How To Questions in University City. To view more Neighborhood Watch resources, visit the Neighborhood Watch page at

How can I start a Neighborhood Watch group? To start a Neighborhood Watch Group on your street, contact U.C. Coordinator Barbara Gellman at *University City Neighborhood Watch is sponsored by University City Community Association (UCCA)

How do I report a life threatening emergency or crime in progress? Call Police and Fire/Rescue Emergency 9-1-1
How do I report suspicious behavior, solicitors, noise complaint, report crime-not-in-progress? Call SDPD Non-Emergency. Obtain incident number. Or report crimes not in progress online: Provide specific details. Most non-emergency, crime-not-in-progress reports are taken over the phone or online. Noise complaints can also be made to Code Enforcement 619-531-2000
Where is Northern Division? How do I contact Northern Division? SDPD  Northern Division, 4275 Eastgate Mall, San Diego, CA 92037, 858-552-1700
How do I contact Northern Division’s Community Relations Officer? Officer Brandon Broaddus, 858-552-1703
Who is Northern Division’s Lieutenant?  Lt. Lisa McKean
How do I request a Vacation Check? How do I request an ‘You Are Not Alone’ YANA check? Call or contact RSVP and You Are Not Alone (YANA) 858-552-1737
How do I report a Party House? Call Police Non-emergency at 619-531-2000. Follow-up with CAPP (Community Assisted Party Program) coordinator Robert Harvey, 858-552-1717
How do I report Noise and Other Nuisances? 
Noise complaints can also be made to Code Enforcement
How do I report Drug and Gang Activity?  619-531-2000
How do I report Abandoned Vehicles? Use the Get-It-Done application at
How do I contact SD Animal Control? Contact Humane Society at

How do I contact SD Vector Control? For rats, mosquitoes and other vectors, contact SD County Vector Control at

How do I contact the SD Animal Services? 619-299-7012
How do I report a Code Enforcement Violation such as noise, weeds, building codes, signs or zoning? Submit a Request for Investigation at 619-236-5500
Who do I contact about trash pickup and Environmental Services? 858-694-7000
How do I report graffiti to the Graffiti Control Hotline?
How do I access community, health, safety and disaster services? 2-1-1 San Diego 2-1-1
How to I contact Poison Control 24 hour emergency? 800-222-1222
How do I report a problem with street maintenance to Street Division? at  619-527-7500
How do I report a Water & Sewer Emergency? 619-515-3525
How to I access Aging and Independence Services? 800-510-2020
How do I contact Homeless Services? 858-300-1211 or 2-1-1
How do I find San Diego Resources and Other Services? and
How do I find out about Crime Statistics and Alerts?
What services are available at the Burn Institute? 858-541-2277
How can I contact the SDFD and Fire Prevention Bureau?
How can I make a noise complaint to the Miramar Operations Duty Officer? 858-577-4277
How can I connect with other neighbors through the Social Network Nextdoor?
How can I make an odor complaint to the Air Pollution Control District?
How can I report an issue to Project Wildlife 619-225-9453