Action for Happiness releases April’s Active Coping Calendar


Much of our world has been disrupted; events cancelled; daily routines altered. Action for Happiness advises all to Keep Calm, Stay Wise & Be Kind. April’s Active Coping Calendar from Action for Happiness has 30 suggested actions to look after ourselves and each other as we face this global crisis together. Today is a good day to start; action one is to make a plan to keep yourself calm and stay in contact. The Coping Calendar and others available as PDF and as high resolution image at

Action Calendar – Active Coping April 2020:

  • April 1 Wednesday – Make a plan to help you keep calm and stay in contact
  • April 2 Thursday – Enjoy washing your hands. Remember all they do for you!
  • April 3 Friday – Write down ten things you feel grateful for in life and why
  • April 4 Saturday – Stay hydrated, eat healthy food and boost your immune system
  • April 5 Sunday – Get active. Even if you’re stuck indoors, move & stretch
  • April 6 Monday – Contact a neighbor or friend and offer to help them
  • April 7 Tuesday – Share what you are feeling and be willing to ask for help
  • April 8 Wednesday – Take five minutes to sit still and breathe. Repeat regularly
  • April 9 Thursday – Call a loved one to catch up and really listen to them
  • April 10 Friday – Get good sleep. No screens before bed or when waking up
  • April 11 Saturday – Notice five things that are beautiful in the world around you
  • April 12 Sunday – Immerse yourself in a new book, TV show or podcast
  • April 13 Monday – Respond positively to everyone you interact with
  • April 14 Tuesday – Play a game that you enjoyed when you were younger
  • April 15 Wednesday – Make some progress on a project that matters to you
  • April 16 Thursday – Rediscover your favorite music that really lifts your spirits
  • April 17 Friday – Learn something new or do something creative
  • April 18 Saturday – Find a fun way to do an extra 15 minutes of physical activity
  • April 19 Sunday – Do three acts of kindness to help others, however small
  • April 20 Monday – Make time for self-care. Do something kind for yourself
  • April 21 Tuesday – Send a letter or message to someone you can’t be with
  • April 22 Wednesday – Find positive stories in the news and share these with others
  • April 23 Thursday – Have a tech-free day. Stop scrolling and turn off the news
  • April 24 Friday – Put your worries into perspective and try to let them go
  • April 25 Saturday – Look for the good in others and notice their strengths
  • April 26 Sunday – Take a small step towards an important goal
  • April 27 Monday – Thank three people you’re grateful to and tell them why
  • April 28 Tuesday – Make a plan to meet up with others again later in the year
  • April 29 Wednesday – Connect with nature. Breathe and notice life continuing
  • April 30 Thursday – Remember that all feelings and situations pass in time

Contributed by Diane Ahern. She had been contemplating her New Year’s Resolutions and was searching for a monthly Kindness Calendar. She stumbled upon a series of monthly calendars from Action for Happiness, a movement of people committed to building a happier and more caring society. Diane is providing this calendar as information to those in our University City community who may want to spread more happiness. UCCA neither supports nor endorses the Action for Happiness organization or movement … but likes the idea of spreading happiness and kindness throughout University City. For more information about UCCA, visit

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