Re Permit for Miramar Landfill 25-foot Height Increase Proposal – Public Comment Period Continues


The West Miramar Sanitary Landfill is requesting a Solid Waste Facility Permit revision to increase the permitted height of the existing active portion of West Miramar Landfill (WML) 238-acre Phase II from 485 feet mean sea level (MSL) to 510 feet MSL which would extend the life of the landfill. No horizontal expansion is proposed. No change in daily throughput is proposed. No changes in operations other than those necessary to accommodate the vertical expansion are proposed. The application was approved by City Council in December 2019. The application for the height increase is now in the permitting phase. The Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) is in the process of putting together a “permit package” to review and to present to CalRecycle for concurrent approval or denial.

Those with comments or concerns about the application for the height increase can email LEA contact Ricardo (Rick) Gloria at and/or Cody Oquendo at CalRecycle at All comments and emails will be part of the applications package that LEA will take in consideration before approval or denial of the permit revision. The permit package will also be forwarded to CalRecycle for concurrent approval or denial.

Background: An online informational meeting was held on Thursday, May 28, 2020, to inform the public regarding the proposed solid waste facility permit application accepted for filing by the LEA to address a height increase and to update other activities conducted at the landfill. The public can comment on the LEA’s preliminary determination, but the meeting is strictly informational, and no official decision will be adopted at the meeting. A video of the meeting is available on City of San Diego YouTube channel at . The meeting begins at approximately 4 minutes, 30 seconds, into the video.

Please note: Those with odor complaints should contact the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District with information about location and type of odor by phone at 858-586-2650 or by email at

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