It’s a New Month and Action for Happiness releases New Ways November 2020 Calendar


COVID may be restricting our lives, but we can still find ways to make progress. This month Action for Happiness is encouraging everyone to keep learning and trying out new and creative ways to overcome frustrating situations. The New Ways November calendar is full of ideas to help you keep trying things out and learning. Start off by making a list of new things you want to do this month. For more information and to download a high resolution or app version of the calendar, visit

And don’t forget: It’s Election Time! In San Diego, the Super Polls are open now through Election Day November 3. If you haven’t already done so, please exercise your right to vote. It’s not too late. Local information at

Here are your New Ways November 2020 Action Steps:

  • November 1 Sunday: Make a list of new things you want to do this month
  • November 2 Monday: Respond to a difficult situation in a different way
  • November 3 Tuesday: Get outside and observe the changes in nature around you
  • November 4 Wednesday: Sign up to join a new course, activity or online community
  • November 5 Thursday: Change your normal routine today and notice how you feel
  • November 6 Friday: Give yourself a boost. Try a new way of being physically active
  • November 7 Saturday: Be creative. Cook, draw, write, paint, make or inspire
  • November 8 Sunday: Find out something new about someone you care about
  • November 9 Monday: Plan a new activity or idea you want to try out this week
  • November 10 Tuesday: When you feel you can’t do something, add the word “yet”
  • November 11 Wednesday: Be curious. Learn about a new topic or an inspiring idea
  • November 12 Thursday: Overcome a frustration by trying out a new approach
  • November 13 Friday: Choose a different route and see what you notice on the way
  • November 14 Saturday: Find a new way to help or support a cause you care about
  • November 15 Sunday: Go outside and do something playful – walk, run, explore, relax
  • November 16 Monday: Look at life through someone else’s eyes and see their perspective
  • November 17 Tuesday: Try a new way to practice self-care and be kind to yourself
  • November 18 Wednesday: Connect with someone from a different generation
  • November 19 Thursday: Broaden your perspective read a different paper, magazine or site
  • November 20 Friday: Make a meal using a recipe or ingredient you’ve not tried before
  • November 21 Saturday: Learn a new skill from a friend or share one of yours with them
  • November 22 Sunday: Find a new way to tell someone you appreciate them
  • November 23 Monday: Set aside a regular time to pursue an activity you love
  • November 24 Tuesday: Share with a friend something helpful you learned recently
  • November 25 Wednesday: Use one of your strengths in a new or creative way
  • November 26 Thursday: Tune in to a different radio station or TV channel
  • November 27 Friday: Enjoy new music today. Play, sing, dance or listen
  • November 28 Saturday: Join a friend doing their hobby and find out why they love it
  • November 29 Sunday: Discover your artistic side. Design your own Christmas cards!
  • November 30 Monday: Look for reasons to be hopeful, even in difficult times

Contributed by Diane Ahern. She had been contemplating her New Year’s Resolutions and was searching for a monthly Kindness Calendar. She stumbled upon a series of monthly calendars from Action for Happiness, a movement of people committed to building a happier and more caring society. Diane is providing this calendar as information to those in our University City community who may want to spread more happiness. UCCA neither supports nor endorses the Action for Happiness organization or movement … but likes the idea of spreading happiness and kindness throughout University City. For more information about UCCA, visit

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