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As posted by Officer Larry Hesselgesser from San Diego Police Department on Nextdoor, 12/8/2015. Shared on Nextdoor with SDPD Northern Division in Crime & Safety

packagesThis is the time of year when package thefts are on the increase. A concerned citizen in the Bay Ho Area of Clairemont recently emailed me a picture of a suspicious vehicle he saw cruising his neighborhood. The vehicle with two male occupants stopped in front of his house. He could see that it was full of packages so he opened his garage and snapped a picture. The vehicle sped off. We are unable to determine at this time if this vehicle is involved in package thefts but if you see this vehicle cruising your neighborhood call police so we can check. The vehicle is a 2005 Ford CA license 6HQN447

If you had a known package theft, please report this.

Here are some tips to take if you are expecting packages for the holidays.

Package Theft Prevention Tips:

  1. Millions of packages are delivered every day in the U.S. and thieves know they are delivered straight to your front door step where they may sit for hours until you come home. Here are some tips to ensure your packages are delivered safely!
  2. Tracking numbers let you see when your package is supposed to arrive. This gives you the ability to pick up the package immediately upon delivery or to set up an alternate method of pick up.
  3. Ask your neighbor to please pick the package up for you or Leave a note on your door instructing the carrier, where to leave the package or request the delivery to be at a location where somebody will be home.
  4. Request a “Signature Delivery Option.” This ensures the package will not be left on your doorstep. If you are unable to sign, the package will be taken to the post/carrier office.
  5. Request a specific drop off time when you will be home.
  6. Use a post office box and pick up all your packages there.
  7. Have packages delivered to your workplace if possible.
  8. If purchasing something online from a large retailer, have the item delivered to a local branch of the store so you can pick it up in person.
  9. Request that the shipper holds the package at their facility for pick up.
  10. Use to communicate any suspicious vehicles seen roaming the neighborhood after delivery times, take pictures if possible.
  11. Call 911 if you see a theft occur and report all package thefts to San Diego Police 619-531-2000 or online 
  12. Set up a surveillance camera system aimed at you porch. Put a Dropcam or Samsung’s Smart Cam into a window and let it monitor your entire front porch area. It can record 24/7 video footage and send instant motion alerts to your phone. If you have any suspicion that a package might have gone missing, simply check the delivery time (as confirmed by your shipping service) against the stored recordings from your camera and see what happened. If indeed a theft has occurred, you can download the video and use it as evidence when you file your police report.

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