December 8, 2008 MCAS Miramar F-18 fighter jet crashes in University City


F-18 crash 8 Dec 2008 – timeline narrative by Ron Belanger: 11:57:59 PST: Pilot ejected from his crippled F-18 at 400’ above UC High School. He landed safely near Lippman and Robbins. Source: Command Investigation of the crash by 3d Marine Aircraft Wing, MCAS Miramar.

Less than 10 seconds later, about 11:58:09 PST, the F-18 crashed into homes on Cather Ave and Huggins in University City causing 4 deaths, catastrophic damage and multiple large fires fed by fuel from the aircraft wreckage. Within seconds, 9-1-1 operators started receiving multiple reports with accurate location information. I wasted several minutes trying to get through to 911 but never got through. I decided that call was no longer needed and headed out the door to the crash site about 5 houses away, grabbing my camera on the way out.

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Citizens Advocating Safe Aviation (CASA) watchdog group was formed by a group of residents in San Diego’s University City neighborhood after the December 8, 2008, crash of an F-18 aircraft which killed four neighbors: two children and their mother and grandmother. It also destroyed several homes and narrowly missed University City High School. For information about the crash and CASA, visit

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