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Ucca Logo Join TodayAbout Us: As described in our bylaws, the main purpose of University City Community Association (UCCA) is to:

  • provide and promote the civic, cultural, social, educational and recreational development and improvement of University City; and to
  • provide a forum where the interests of the residents may be expressed and contributions made to the protection of life and property in the community.

The purpose is also to:

  • bring about civic betterment and social improvements for the community,
  • encourage a sense of community by organizing events and celebrations, as well as
  • identify issues or concerns of the population, and
  • provide a meeting place to discuss said issues or concerns.

UCCA is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization funded through membership dues. UCCA is the source for University City News.

Request for Funding and/or Donation Request:

  • Worthwhile member individuals or organizations may request funding from UCCA by completing and submitting a Request for Funding form and making a verbal presentation at a UCCA meeting.
    • A verbal Request for Funding must be made during the open forum section UCCA’s monthly meetings.
    • The Request for Funding form must be received at least 7 days prior to the verbal request.

UCCA Board Members

Executive Board (elected November 2021 for a 2 year term)

  • President: Diane Ahern, ahern.diane@gmail.com, 858-412-0786
  • Vice-President: Mack Langston, langstonmack@gmail.com
  • Secretary: Jim Beshears, jwblaw@sbcglobal.net
  • Treasurer: Jemma Samala, jemmasamala@gmail.com

Appointed Positions

  • Banners Coordinator: Diane Ahern, ahern.diane@gmail.com
  • Beautification, Street Medians, Utility Boxes: Merle Langston, Chair, merlelangston1@gmail.com
  • Corresponding Secretary & Historian: OPEN
  • Fire Safe Council Liaison: Diane Ahern, UCFireSafeCouncil@gmail.com
  • Grants Coordinator: Diane Ahern, ahern.diane@gmail.com
  • *Holiday Tree/Menorah Lighting Coordinator: Darlene Ventimiglia, darleneven2@gmail.com
  • MCAS Miramar and CASA Liaison: Diane Ahern, ahern.diane@gmail.com
  • Membership: Hallie Burch, UCCAmembership@gmail.com
  • Neighborhood Watch: Barbara Gellman, bggellman@yahoo.com
  • Newsletter Chair/Distributor: Don Hotz, don.hotz@yahoo.com
  • *Newsletter Ads: Terri Day, uccaADS@hotmail.com
  • Newsletter Editor: Jemma Samala, UCCAEditor@gmail.com
  • North University City liaison: Bill Beck, itsaok@aol.com
  • Parliamentarian: Mack Langston, langstonmack@gmail.com
  • Past President: Barry Bernstein, apdrfn@aol.com
  • *Podcast Host: Jemma Samala, jemmasamala@gmail.com
  • Publicity & Promotion/Webmaster: Diane Ahern, ahern.diane@gmail.com
  • San Diego Network of Town Councils Liaison: Mack Langston, langstonmack@gmail.com
  • Special Events: Barbara Henshaw, barbarahenshaw@gmail.com
  • UC Community Foundation (UCCF) Liaison: Merle Langston, merlelangston1@gmail.com
  • UC Parks Council (UCPC) Liaison: Diane Ahern, ahern.diane@gmail.com
  • *UC Community Plan Update Subcommittee (CPUS) Liaison: Katie Rodolico, ktnelson@yahoo.com

*Non-Voting Member

Ucca Logo Join TodayUCCA membership dues: Your membership dues help to support many local worthwhile organizations, (i.e. public schools’ fundraising, Standley Park, EdUCate, Neighborhood Watch, lmproveUC, Buy Local) as well as many special projects and activities such as street median beautification, pedestrian and motorist safety, painted electrical boxes and street banners, 4th of July Celebration, summer concerts, December holiday tree lighting, and our monthly newsletter delivered to your south UC home and/or business, libraries and recreation centers.

  • Monthly meetings: UCCA usually meets on the second Wednesday, at the Community Library on Governor, except in August and December. All are welcome to join us at 5:30 PM for networking; formal meeting begins at 6 PM.
  • Email: universitycitynews@gmail.com
  • Mailing Address: University City Community Association (UCCA), 3298 Governor Dr, #22574, San Diego, CA 92122
  • Voice Mail: 858-412-0786
  • Contact Us: https://www.universitycitynews.org/contact-us-or-volunteer-in-uc/

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