Street Median Beautification on Governor


March 2024;

Before and After! Check out the newly renovated street median on Governor at Radcliffe

In early 2014, Michael Borchard, the owner of the Carl’s Jr. Restaurant on Governor Drive at Agee, took responsibility for landscaping and ongoing maintenance of the street median in front of the restaurant at Agee Street.

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In 2015, the Beautification Committee of University City Community Association (UCCA) proudly announced the re-landscaping of the Governor Drive medians at Radcliffe and Stresemann. Council President Sherri Lightner’s office helped with the permit process and the removal of the cracked asphalt and inner curbs. All trees were retained.

The plan consisted of drought- resistant plants, boulder clusters with plants and dry riverbed pebbles with mulched outer edges. Work was completed in October 2015 and the larger pine trees were trimmed in December. Kudos to all those people who have become UCCA members in helping us to provide the funds for this project through your UCCA membership dues. We couldn’t have done it without your support.

As Sherri Lightner said at the ribbon cutting ceremony, “Projects like this help beautify our communities and save water. Thanks to everyone who worked to make this happen.”

Median Beautification Ribbon Cutting

[Photo caption] UCCA Membership dues are at work improving the community through such projects as the street median beautification. At the project’s ribbon cutting, pictured are Co-Chair Barbara Gellman, Councilman Sherri Lightner, Angela Macuci and Joanna LaBahn-Cornett with LaBahn’s Landscaping, and  Chair Merle Berman.

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Notes: The street medians in front of Standley Middle School and near Stresemann were paid for with University City Community Association membership dues. Thanks, members! Join UCCA today at

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