MCAS Miramar Operations Report

Helicopter Dunker

Courtesy of Diane Ahern, UCCA Vice President and member of Miramar’s Community Leaders Forum:

Helicopter Dunker
Helicopter Dunker Training

On Thursday, August 18, Barbara Gellman (University City’s Neighborhood Watch Coordinator) and I attended the Community Leaders Forum at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

The meeting agenda included two primary speakers and topics: Tony Guinn with an Air Operations Report and Commander Ellis Gayle with a briefing on the Aviation Survival Training Center at MCAS Miramar.

Operations Report:

Mr. Guinn encouraged all residents who have questions or concerns about Miramar Operations to contact the Airfield Operations Duty Officer (ODO) at 858-577-4277 or email the ODO at If the question relates to a specific activity or incident, it’s best to call the ODO as close to the time of the incident as possible so that the ODO can answer the question in real time.

All planned activities subject to change without notice.

– Increased operations expected in August:

Air Force A-10 aircraft using MCAS Miramar in support of the Integrated Training Exercise (ITX) they do annually at 29 Palms. A-10’s are noisy aircraft and may result in more noise near MCAS Miramar.

Upcoming potential and/or scheduled Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLP) include:
– Thursday, August 18 in the evening
– Friday, August 19 in the afternoon
– Sunday, August 21 in the evening
– Friday, August 26 in the afternoon
– Tuesday, August 30 in the evening

– Increased operations expected in September because of the Air Show from September 21-26. Refer to Air Show information below.

– Increased operation expected in September because of aircraft landing practice off the coast with both helicopters and fixed wing jets arrivals and departures as they train on a carrier parked out in the ocean.

Delayed completion of new runway until November 28: Single runway operation. From February 16 until November 28, Runway 24L, the shorter runway to the south, will be closed for repairs. All takeoffs and landings during the time will use Runway 24R, the longer runway to the north.

– Ongoing: MCAS Miramar increases Military Police Presence. Military Police Officers are scheduled to have an increased presence in the outer areas of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. Military Police will be actively patrolling the border areas east of I-805 and north of CA-52, in addition to the East Miramar training areas. Community Members are advised to not enter these areas or they may be cited and subject to federal fines. For additional information, please contact 858-577-6000 or, or follow MCAS Miramar Twitter feed @MCASMiramarCA.

– Save the date for the 2016 Air Show. Arrival day Wednesday, September 21; practice day Thursday, September 22; show days Friday to Sunday, September 23 to 25; departure day Monday, September 26. No evening show this year. Visit for details.

Aviation Survival Training Center:

Commander Gayle provided a briefing on the Aviation Survival Training Center which prepares pilots for worst-case scenarios. They learn what they should do if they are aboard an aircraft that goes down over water.

For related information and a slide show, read the MCAS Miramar news article at

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