Increased Ops at MCAS Miramar possible during April due to FCLP training


Update 1 (04-30-2020) : Airfield operating hours now Monday to Thursday until 1 AM. They don’t always need to use the full nighttime window, but it does occasionally happen. There will be additional FCLP training tomorrow (Friday, May 1) during the day. All subject to change based on operational needs. Please note updated airfield hours, email contact, and phone numbers posted on MCAS Miramar website at

Update 2 (05-01-2020) : The operating hours are extended to 1 AM during daylight saving hours / summer since it gets darker later. Miramar is down to one runway because of runway construction related to the F-35s. In order to accommodate training requirements, MCAS Miramar has been using its evening operating hours.


Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLP) training, both daylight and evening flights, is on the flight training schedule during April according to information from the MCAS Miramar Community Plans & Liaison Office. Residents who live west and south of the MCAS Miramar airfield may see and hear increased flight operations.

During Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLP), pilots perform repetitive “touch and go” landings at Miramar airfield, which simulate landing on an aircraft carrier. FCLP is required flight training that precedes carrier landing operations and simulates, as near as practicable, the conditions encountered during carrier landing operations. The skills required to complete carrier landings must be routinely practiced by pilots of all experience levels to maintain the requisite level of proficiency.


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