Voice of San Diego: 5 Things to Know About San Diego’s Latest Round of Redistricting


As published by the Voice of San Diego: The last time the city of San Diego went through the redistricting process, the addition of a new, ninth City Council district resulted in a complete redrawing of the map. This year’s changes may not be so dramatic (since you can only add a new City Council district by amending the city charter), but the demographics of the city have been changing – and the nine Council districts will change along with them.

Redistricting – the drawing of political boundaries in jurisdictions – happens at the beginning of each decade after the U.S. Census tells us who lives where. In 1992, voters amended the San Diego City Charter to create an independent Redistricting Commission. The process takes place independently of the City Council and mayor. It’s the oldest independent commission in the region. This year several other jurisdictions also have their first independent commissions, including in the cities of Chula Vista and Escondido, and the county.

That’s an excerpt. To read the entire article from the Voice of San Diego and to view the San Diego 101 Redistricting video, please visit https://www.voiceofsandiego.org/topics/government/5-things-to-know-about-san-diegos-latest-round-of-redistricting/

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