Selling? Shopping? Neighborhood Garage Sale is Saturday, June 2, 8 – 12 noon

The annual University City community-wide garage sale is held on the first Saturday of June; this year it’s June 2 from 8 AM to 12 noon.

Are you a seller? Signs, advertising and maps will be provided, free of charge. The deadline to be on the map is May 30.  Please contact Coldwell Banker to include your home garage sale in this huge University City event. To sign up, e-mail Greice Lane at with your name, address, phone and a few of the items you are selling.

Are you a shopper? Maps and garage sale addresses will be at the Coldwell Banker office in University Square (VONS Center) at 3959 Governor Drive, starting at 7 AM on June 2.

Here are our Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

  • Set up your “store” the night before. Cover up or put away any items in your garage that are not for sale.
  • Tag all items, but be prepared to haggle. Make sure appliances work. Clean/dust everything you can.
  • Have lots of coins and small bills handy for making change. Use a “fanny pack” to carry your money around with you.
  • Don’t open the door until you are ready for business. Be prepared for early shoppers. They are the pros.

Remember the maps go out at 7 AM on June 2.

Note: The annual University City community-wide garage sale is sponsored by Coldwell Banker University City. For more University City News, visit


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