University City shows up for Community Plan Update Open House


A large crowd of University City residents attended the City Planning Department’s first University Community Plan Update Open House on Wednesday evening at Nobel Recreation Center. During the Open House, the Planning Department staff sought to begin to identify and consider important questions, issues, and opportunities including methods to reinforce the community’s role as a major employment center; improve transit, housing options, and climate action plan compliance; and foster University City as a place to live, work, and play.

District 1 Councilmember Barbara Bry and City Planner Mike Hanson provided opening remarks. Also in attendance were University community planners Dan Monroe and Melissa Garcia; as well as University Community Planning Group (UCPG) chair Chris Neilson and many planning board members.

Those who were not able to attend the Open House are encouraged to visit the University Community Plan Update website at and to contact Melissa Garcia, Senior Planner at

For additional information, attend the University Community Planning Group meeting on Tuesday, October 9, at 6 PM, at 10300 Campus Point Drive. The meeting room is on the second floor, above the Green Acre Campus Pointe restaurant. All are welcome.

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