Doubling Population of University City? Youth, Older Residents Battle Over Community Plan Update


The University Community Plan serves as the 30 year vision for land use, mobility, urban design, public facilities and services, natural resources, historic and cultural resources, and economic development in the University Community Planning Area. This update plans more opportunities for homes, jobs and mixed-use development connected to the University of California San Diego, retail and employment centers, hospitals, health care facilities, residential areas, public spaces, and bus rapid and light rail stations. For more information, visit:

Doubling Population of University City? Youth, Older Residents Battle Over Plan:

Times of San Diego reported that dueling rallies 2 1/2 miles apart Saturday, March 11, 2023, fought over future housing in University City, pitting a youth group against established older residents. On one corner was Our Time to Act United on Villa La Jolla Drive, demanding more housing. At Genesee Avenue and Governor Drive, older residents pleaded to put the brakes on the process.

The City of San Diego has proposed adding between 30,000 and 35,000 new housing units to University City’s existing 27,000, which could more than double the units and boost the population significantly. For the complete report from Times of San Diego, visit:

Residents in University City Rally For, Against High-Density Housing Plans: 

NBC7 San Diego reported multiple sidewalks in the University City neighborhood were filled with residents holding signs, along with umbrellas, expressing opinions on the potential of high-density housing in the area.

  • “Serve citizens, not developers.”
  • “Save the UC we know.”

Signs being held at the intersection of Genesee Avenue and Governor Drive were very different from those two miles away at the trolley station near Nobel Drive.

  • “Build vertical.”
  • “Housing is a human right.”

According to the City of San Diego’s website, University City is one of six communities that are in the process of having their community plans updated. While the new plan is not yet finalized, it has a few options that could mean tens of thousands of additional housing units added throughout the 8,500-acre area. The majority of high to medium-density housing would be built near the UTC Transit Center. For the complete report from NBC7, visit:

The City of San Diego Planning Department is expected to release the Discussion Draft Community Plan this Spring. Contact Nancy Graham, AICP, Supervising Project Manager, by email:

Community Plan Update – Remaining Major Milestones visit:



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