Marcy Park Renovation Project

Marcy Park at 5504 Stresemann Street in University City is a diamond in the rough. It is located on the rim of a beautiful and quiet canyon. Marcy Park is adjacent to lovely single family homes and the prestigious Mission Bay Montessori Academy (MBMA).

It should be a park that makes residents proud, yet it has fallen into a sad state over the decades and many liken it to the forgotten child.  For years Marcy Park has received the least funding and attention of all our area parks.  Several trees have come down over the years without being replanted, park benches destroyed but never replaced and playground equipment inaccessible to those children with special needs.

The Marcy Park Renovation Project proposes to upgrade Marcy Park through the replacement of lost trees and park benches/tables, renovation of the existing play structure to be limited to 1-5 year-olds, with the addition of a new play area for older children with their own swings and climbing equipment.

To learn more about the Marcy Park Renovation Project, visit the Marcy Park Renovation Project website at and check out the YouTube video.