Sherri Lightner: Preparing for El Niño


Information courtesy of Council President Sherri Lightner, from her September 2015 SpotLight e-Newsletter

imageAs winter storms approach, please consider these tips on preparation for your home or business to help prevent flooding and storm water pollution:

Yard/Patio: Inspect area for dead trees or limbs, debris, furniture, or other objects. Tidying up and storing/securing furniture can prevent loss/damage during high wind.

Drains/Gutters: Clear gutters and drains of debris. If you do not have them, consider installing them. Storm water runoff should be directed into a collection system.

Roofs: Inspect the roof for loose tiles and holes.

Retaining Walls: Inspect retaining walls, drains, culverts, ditches, etc.

Slopes: Inspect slopes for gullying, cracks, slumping etc., which might indicate slope movement.

Bare Ground: Reduce large bare areas that could create mudflows during a storm. Use mulch and establish plants to help prevent flows.

Storm Drains: Inspect storm drains. If obstructed, clear material from the drain or call the Storm Water Hotline at 619-235-1000.

Follow-up and Other Concerns: Consider sandbags and sheeting. Sandbags can be stacked to keep water from flooding low areas. Plastic sheeting can be placed on slopes and secured with sand bags to prevent erosion.

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