2016 4th of July Celebration


Thanks to all the Recreation Center staff, the UC Celebration Committee, and the countless volunteers who made this year’s UC 4th of July Celebration one of the best ever. See you next year!

Special thanks to Regency Centers (Costa Verde Shopping Center) and UCCA for their continued sponsorship.

Take a look:

Courtesy of Greg Hom
Courtesy of Greg Hom

Click to view 2016 Celebration Slide Show Courtesy of Greg Hom

Congrats to all! University City hosted a competitive 5k Race and 1 mile fun run at Standley Park to kick off the annual July 4 Celebration. All proceeds from this race go to the Standley Park Recreation Center. Check out the race results at:

2016 Mile Race Results Mile: Mile UC 4 July 2016

2016 5K Race Results 5K: 5k UC 4 July 2016

2016 Celebration update:

Booth Rentals Reminder: Booths are available for rent. Download the Booth Application Form at https://www.universitycitynews.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/2016-Celebration-Booth-Application-Letter-and-Form-04-19-2016-1.pdf.

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2016 Celebration Schedule of Events

UC and surrounding neighborhoods need your help to organize and manage this year’s 4th of July Celebration!

Do you have two hours to give? We need volunteers for many different parts the celebration – from volunteer coordination, to booth supervision, pet parade help, parking – the list goes on.

To view positions available and to volunteer for the 2016 Celebration, visit www.volunteersignup.org/THHBW


Visit Standley Recreation Center at https://www.sandiego.gov/park-and-recreation/centers/recctr/standley

Click here to VolunteerMark Your Calendar for the 2016  UC July 4 Celebration event! Courtesy of George Odero George at Godero@Goreadusa.org

To volunteer for the 2016 Celebration, visit www.volunteersignup.org/THHBW

The 28th University City July 4th Community Celebration event is approaching. This year’s celebration falls on a Monday, which will give the community time to relax, celebrate and reflect on the event during the long weekend.

2016 Race Entry Form_Page_1
Click to download Race Registration Form

Festivities will kick start with a 1 Mile Fun Run and 5K Race, followed up by the Pancake Breakfast (free for race participants). Those interested in participating in the 1 Mile Fun Run/5K Race – can register on line (link to be announced in June)or register and pick up your bib at 7 PM, Saturday, July 2, or Monday at 6:30 – 8:00 AM at Standley Park by Swanson Pool.

Following the refreshing walk/Run, Pancake Breakfast, (walk/run) participants can join the rest of the community to continue having fun at the Park by visiting various booths, and food stands, trying your skills in Rock Climbing or The Monkey Bridge or participating in the various field games held throughout the day.

Highlights of the event will include: Walk/Run event in the morning, the Pet/Bike Parade complemented by the popular Standley Middle school Band (led by Mr. Marcus), Polynesian Dancers, family field games, free swim at Swanson Pool, and other festivities.

There will also be concert music by local groups performing at various time slots throughout the day. Attendees will enjoy and dance to Music from local entertainers during the day topped by headliner band – entertaining from 5 to 7 PM featuring variety of music including patriotic celebratory music.

We will have Beer and Wine Garden for Adults featuring local Micro Brew beer and assortment of wines.

Booth Space AvailableBooth Rentals Reminder: Booths are available for rent. Download the Booth Application Form at https://www.universitycitynews.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/2016-Celebration-Booth-Application-Letter-and-Form-04-19-2016-1.pdf. For more information, contact Standley Recreation Center staff at 858-552-1662 or visit the Recreation center office located at: 3585 Governor Drive, San Diego, CA 92122 for application package. Or email Terry Jones at t17jones@roadrunner.com.

Reminder to our generous contributors and donors: We highly appreciate your past support.  We are looking forward to your generous contributions and donations this year. Please contact George at: Godero@Goreadusa.org or mail your contribution to:

Contact Standley Park Recreation Council: UC Community July 4 Celebration Event; 3585 Governor Drive, San Diego, CA 92122

The Book Barn donations: UC July 4 Celebration at Standley Park is again seeking your donations for books, especially children’s books for 2016 event. Please, no textbooks, encyclopedias, manuals, tapes of any kind, as we cannot sell those items. If you could hold on to them and deliver your donation o  n July 2nd at Standley Rec. Center or anytime at 4315 Huggins Street we would appreciate that. Thank you for your support. Priscilla Hughes & Pia Mantovani-Sud.

Volunteers are needed: UC Community thanks our neighbors and friends for their continued support in making the event a success! To volunteer for the 2016 Celebration, visit www.volunteersignup.org/THHBW

Click here to VolunteerFollowing are the areas where 2 hour Volunteers are needed:

  • Beer Garden:  (Open Noon to 7)– Must be 21 or older and must attend a training to help serve beer. June training date will be announced soon.  If you cannot come to the training you could still help with either collecting money or checking I.D.’s.
  • Children’s Area (open from Noon to 4): Rock Wall, Obstacle Course, Jumpers, Bungee Run ( All these areas require the ability to be on your feet for two hours and some activities are physically challenging).  You must check in at the Volunteer Check in Area 15 minutes ahead of your assigned time.
  • Field Games: These happen throughout the afternoon and include: Balloon Toss, Three Leg Race and Paper Airplane Building (no set time, you would be called to help from the stage).
  • Set up: Prior to event starting at approximately 7:00 AM.  Includes helping with stage set up, table and chairs set up for pancake breakfast and fill up water balloons. Also includes the placement of the books for the Book Barn.  Immediately following the pancake breakfast some tables and chairs will need to be moved to the Beer Garden Area.
  • Tear Down:  At the close of the Event including cleaning up the park and tear down of the stage and Beer Garden area.
  • Book Barn:  Starting at about 9:30. Limited help needed here, most people are repeat volunteers and already in place.  We will need people capable of lifting approximately 20 lbs to move the books into the Book Barn from the Recreation Center.  Moving the books would take place about 8:30.
  • Parking Lot Monitors: Should be adults.   Monitors keep traffic in check in the parking lot.  Allowing only vendors in and out or authorized persons.   A list of vendors and authorized persons will be proved.   We also need to monitor the parking lot in front of the swimming pool.  The lot will be all Handicap parking for the day.  The Parking Lot Monitors are provided with safety vest and clip boards and instruction on the day of the event.
  • Pet and Bike Parade:  two more volunteers needed here from 10:15 to 11:30.  Participants in this area will guide children from Standley Middle School to the park area following the Standley Middle School Band.
  • 5K Walk/Run and 1 Mile Fun Run:  We need 25 Volunteers in this are to handle monitoring the run, registration and the start and finish line.  Must arrive at the park by 7:15 to check in a volunteer desk and then go to Run Coordinator for assignment.

Children who participate as volunteers must be 14 years of age to do so on their own, or if younger they can work with an adult. Younger children seem to like filling up the water balloons and putting out chairs for the pancake breakfast prior to the event.

If you want to give more time that is wonderful just let me know when you are contacted.

A Community Service Certificate is available to all who give us some volunteer time regardless of age.

Additional information: The Standley Park Recreation Council meets on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7 PM at Standley Recreation Center. Any adult who is interested in making an impact or has concerns about these neighborhood parks and recreation center, should attend the meetings.

Recreation Council meeting are held on the 4th Thursday of the month at 7 PM, at Standley Recreation Center, 3585 Governor Drive; 858-552-1652.

Were you there? Take a look at last year’s Celebration at https://www.universitycitynews.org/2015-4th-of-july-celebration/