UCPG: January meeting summary by Nancy Groves


The University Community Planning Group (UCPG) report from Nancy Groves, UCPG Rep District 1:

UCPG University Community Planning GroupThe January 13 meeting was opened with Chair Janay Kruger announcements:

  • Four additional appointees to the Costa Verde Committee– Tom Fetter from the Chevron station, Stephanie Boudreaux from Vi, Janis Deady of Oggi’s, and Greg Zinser from S.D. Community Foundation.
  • Janay stopped the city from increasing the traffic speed on Nobel Dr. between Town Center Dr. and Shoreline from 40 mph to 55mph because of the construction of the new fire station at Shoreline.
  • On Sat. April 2 the Ragnar Relay from Huntington Beach to Coronado will require the closing of Genesee from the glider port through U.C. and the closing of the UC High parking lot.
  • The City Council will be considering the adoption of an ordinance restricting the use of plastic and paper single-use carryout bags in upcoming meetings.

SDPD update:  The addition of 8 new officers in the Northern Division.  They caution people to take their garage door openers from their cars into the house since there have been occurrences of openers being used to enter houses through the garage. The SDPD is sponsoring the “Try Harder Triathlon” to raise money for at risk youth.

The Fire Department representative, Dave Connor reported that the City Gate report noted 19 under-served areas of San Diego; South University City was the #2 area.  In response the new FAST Response team is now in place as Squad 56 on Governor Dr.  A small truck with medical gear and a two-person squad of one EMT and one Paramedic will be available from 8AM to 8PM when traffic would be harder for other trucks to respond quickly.   They will be able to respond with a small amount of water and foam.  The station is a house on Governor but they are very cognizant of being in a residential neighborhood so there will not be constant sirens.

The SANDAG update on the trolley:  Currently demolishing the median on Genesee followed by the demolition of the median from Nobel to Regents with fencing down the middle of the streets.   They are in the process of right of way acquisitions, negotiations with builders, working with UTC re the MTS bus station, advancing the utility changes on the Genesee sewer, water, and storm drain lines.  The trolley should be running 2020-2021.  The Feds and Transnet will split the price for the construction.  At the Feb 9 UCPG meeting they will explain the lane shifts and how they will build the entire line for the trolley.  Don’t miss this!

Councilperson Lightner’s rep. Kyle Heisakala cited the City Climate Action Plan, which should be in effect 100% by 2035, and the city council discussion of El Nino preparedness.  Last month’s EIR scoping meeting is a continuing process.  Lightner has been very instrumental in getting fire stations for our area: the new south U.C. Fast Response Squad 56, station 50 is in process on Nobel Dr., and she is working with UCSD to have a campus station.  They are looking for people to work on boards and commissions on gangs, parking, senior affairs advisory, human sourcing, libraries, internal affairs, and city attorney.  He is still keeping tabs on the 5850 Regents Road building proposal.  Senator Marty Block’s office reported his work on bills to update the penal code on threats to schools and on human trafficking.

Dan Monroe from the City Planning Department reported that they are considering all the suggestions made at the University Community Plan Amendment Scoping meeting and those mailed.  The Traffic report is not yet complete but should be posted in about two weeks; future analysis is important for the EIR draft. The City is surveying how to improve mobility and transportation when I-5/Genesee project finishes in 2017, the super loop, mid-coast trolley, I-5 and 805 improvements by SANDAG. Planning will brief the UCPG on FBA and CIP funds for projects.

Supervisor Dave Roberts made a personal appearance at the planning group meeting introducing himself and his family. He is currently president pro tem for the supervisors and Mel Milstein runs his office.  He laid out his projects:  suicide task force and expanding emergency response teams with mental health emphasis, housing for the homeless released from the hospital, and the Jan 1-March 1 grant processes for the county funding for community activities.

MCAS Miramar report by Kristin Camper involved monitoring trespassers on 25,000 acres.

James Chen, Project Engineer, for the City Environmental Services reported that as part of the City Climate Action Plan the city is installing solar panels on many city projects.

Kilroy returned to make further presentations on the 9455 Towne Center Drive proposed Science Research building.  The old SAIC vacant building covers 25% of the lot; the proposed new five story lead gold building will cover 45% increasing density.  The plan is for 60% labs and 40% offices for the researchers and 600 parking spaces with jobs for about 500-750 employees.  Discussion ensued about traffic, water, environment, and average daily trips added though they have borrowed some trips from one of their other sites.  This was an action item but it will be brought back for vote at a later date.

A proposal on the agenda to request a vote on a new idea for the Regents Rd Bridge and Rose Canyon was presented by Louis Rodolico, a south University City resident.  He presented a very innovative slide showing undergrounding the railroad through Rose Canyon, a long span separated-lanes bridge, and drainage, which could result in a lake in the canyon.  He was complimented on his originality and for volunteering to line up the many agencies that would need to be consulted to bring his plans to fruition.  Questions were asked and discussion ensued and the vote of the planning group was one abstention and 15 nays.

NEXT MEETING:  February 9 at the Scripps building 10010 Campus Point Drive. Agenda items will include an update to the U.C. Long Range Development Plan from 2004 and the UCSD update on the Center for Novel Therapeutics.

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