A New Year’s wish for University City


Happy New Year greetings to all University City residents and business owners, from Barry Bernstein, President, University City Community Association: The University City Community Association (UCCA) Board and I wish you the very best for 2019.

It was a busy year in 2018 and most likely with the new University Community Plan process just beginning, the pending litigation regarding the Pure Water sewer pipeline on Genesee, the Mid-Coast Trolley/UTC ongoing construction challenges, the struggle to effectively communicate the obvious issues of aviation safety with MCAS Miramar, the impact of future short-term vacation rentals, plus other unknown issues that may affect the University City community in 2019, we will need to continue to address these and other concerns. And we will.

Your UCCA Board will do its very best to support actions that maintain and improve the quality of life for all of our residents. You can do your part by joining UCCA*, reading our newsletter, attending our meetings, participating in our social media and websites, and listening to our (upcoming) podcasts.

Let us know how you feel and what you think; your opinions matter and you have a voice with UCCA. Our email addresses, websites, contact information and organization phone number are listed in our newsletter and on our website at https://www.universitycitynews.org/ucca-about-us/.

I realize how busy many of you are, with work, family, school, and so forth. My wish is simply this: that each of you, to the best you can, becomes involved and active as a University City community member who understands and supports our efforts in keeping University City “more than just a neighborhood”.

Best wishes to you and yours for a happy and healthy New Year. Cheers!

*Join UCCA today at https://www.universitycitynews.org/join-ucca-today/


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