UCCA Agenda for March 9, 2022, community meeting; what’s on your mind?


Re Costa Verde – At the March UCPG and UCCA community meetings, the UCPG planning group chair announced that Alexandria (the property owner and developer) intends to build out the property within the scope of the existing permits with a hotel, life-science office space, and retail. All existing tenants were expected to vacate the property by March 15. There is no decision yet on the retail mix of stores; that is yet to be determined. There will be some kind of grocery market but it will not be a large chain. It’s expected to be a smaller grocery neighborhood market that caters to pedestrians rather than to automobiles. The small area with McDonald’s and the gas station will remain as is.

From UCCA president Diane Ahern: UCCA (University City Community Association) meets on Wednesday, March 9, at 6 PM via Zoom. This is a public meeting and all are invited to participate. Our special guests this month include SDPD Officer Bognuda and Lieutenant Brinkerhoff; some of our new City Council District 6 neighbors from Mira Mesa, the University Planning Group, Community Plan update Subcommittee, and the University City Foundation. Ongoing agenda items include updates from San Diego Police Department, legislative representatives, planning group, school board, and other local leaders. We also have a public comment period for those who want to make public announcements and/or requests.

What’s on your agenda? If you want to know more about a particular topic or wish to speak during public forum, please let us know by contacting us at UniversityCityNews@gmail.com.

Please note: Information items included for publication in our print newsletter or on our websites or at our meetings does not constitute an endorsement by the University City Community Association (UCCA) organization or its board members. 

DRAFT! UCCA General Meeting February 9, 2022, 6 PM, via Zoom. The Zoom invite and link are at the end of this post. If you have an agenda item to share or wish to speak during Open Forum or Candidate Statements, please contact us at UniversityCityNews@gmail.com.

Preliminary agenda items include:
6:01 PM Welcome – Diane Ahern
6:02 PM President’s Report and Agenda Review

Tonight’s Special Guests include: SDPD Officer Bognuda and Lieutenant Brinkerhoff; Chris Nielsen; Planning Group; Andy Wiese, Community Plan Update; Ruth DeSantis, UCCF; Jeff Stevens, Bari Vaz and/or Pam Stevens, Mira Mesa Planning Group and Town Council

6:10 PM Roll Call of UCCA Voting Members – Jim Beshears
Approval of February minutes – vote
Approval of tonight’s agenda – vote

6:12 PM SD Police Department / Public Safety – Impound Cars involved in Intersection Takeovers, Updated Crime Statistics for University City (since Trolley grand opening), and homelessness concerns – speakers Officer Bognuda and Lieutenant Brinkerhoff

6:20 PM Legislative Liaisons and Community Leader Reports – limit 2 minutes each please

6:30 PM • Community Planning Group: Elections, Community Plan Update, Costa Verde, and more – presenter Chris Nielsen, Chair, UC Planning Group
6:35 PM • Community Plan Update: Overview of proposed land-use scenarios and update timeline – presenter Andy Wiese, Chair, Community Plan Update subcommittee
6:40 PM • Special Project Funding: presenter Ruth DeSantis, University City Community Foundation (UCCF) president – presentation postponed to April 13 meeting
6:50 PM • Meet our D6 neighbor Mira Mesa: presenters Jeff Stevens and/or Bari Vaz, Mira Mesa Planning Group and Town Council

7:00 PM Open Forum – 2 minutes each please
• (old business) Curie PTA – jogathon – request for funding $500– presenter Jeaneé Perez – vote
• (old business) EdUCate – Taste of the Triangle – request for funding $1500 – presenter Kendra Cole – vote
• (old business) UCHS PTSA – Senior Grad Party – request for funding $2000 – presenter Maria Cook – vote
• (old business) Off-leash dogs and animal waste at local parks and joint use fields – Park Patrol – presenter Angela Weathers

7:10 PM Public Comment – limit 2 minutes each please
• San Diego Neighborhood Watch – Catherine Douglas
• Date Meets Zip – 92122 / Sep 21 2022 community event – Valerie Upham

7:15 PM • Candidate statements – limit 2 minutes each please

6:30 PM UCCA Committee Reports – 2 minutes each please
• Treasurer’s Report – Jemma Samala – vote
• Membership Report – Hallie Burch – vote
• Bylaws – Jim Beshears
• North UC Liaison – Bill Beck
• Beautification & UCCF – Merle Langston
• Beautification & Neighborhood Watch – Barbara Gellman
• Newsletter production – Jemma Samala & Terri Day
• Newsletter distribution – Don Hotz
• Parliamentarian / Network of Town Councils – Mack Langston
• Community Plan Update Liaison – Katie Rodolico
• Immediate Past President – Barry Bernstein
• Special Events – Darlene Ventimiglia & Barbara Henshaw
• UCCA’s Publicity, Banners, Grants; Liaison to MCAS Miramar, CASA, Recreation Group, Fire Safe Council – Diane Ahern

• UCCA – Old Business / New Business

6:50 PM • Adjourn; next meeting Wednesday, April 13, 6 PM via Zoom. Invited guest is Colonel Bedell, Commanding Officer, MCAS Miramar

Zoom Information:
Time: UCCA General meeting, Wednesday, March 9, 2022, 6 PM Pacific Time
Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88629654086
Meeting ID: 886 296 54086

The preliminary agenda and Zoom link was posted on Tuesday, March 8. We hope you’ll join us on Wednesday.



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