Wed Apr 13 2022: CM LaCava and CO Colonel Bedell to be UCCA’s Special Guests at Community Meeting


Councilmember Joe LaCava will host a Town Hall with Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar Commanding Officer Colonel Bedell at the April 13 UCCA meeting to facilitate a conversation between MCAS Miramar and University City residents.

The meeting will be called to order at approximately 6 PM; all times listed on the agenda are approximate and subject to change. 

At 6:05 PM, Colonel Bedell will provide an MCAS Miramar presentation and safety brief. His presentation will conclude with a Q&A and comment period. Colonel Bedell served as the Director of the Marine Corps Safety Division before taking the command of MCAS Miramar. The Town Hall is scheduled between 6 and 6:30 pm on April 13 during UCCA’s regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

At 6:35 PM, after the Town Hall concludes, Councilmember LaCava will provide a community update and take questions.

UCCA will resume our customary agenda at approximately 6:55 PM with public safety, legislative representatives, planning group, community, and candidate updates, announcements, and committee reports.

If you have an agenda item to share or wish to speak during Q&A, Open Forum or Candidate Statements, please contact us at –

Join April 13 UCCA meeting:
Zoom ID: 85615463361

Preliminary Agenda for UCCA General Meeting April 13, 2022, 6 PM, via Zoom (all times approximate and subject to change):

6:01 PM Welcome – Diane Ahern

6:05 PM MCAS Miramar Safety Town Hall with Councilmember Joe LaCava and MCAS Miramar CO Colonel Bedell
• Welcome — CM LaCava
• Safety Brief – Presentation – CO Bedell
• Comment & Q&A – limit 2 minutes
o Ron Belanger
o Deborah Taubman
o Matty Wuest
o Barry Bernstein
o Jim Stephan
o Jim Beshears

6:30 PM CM Joe LaCava – Community Brief
• Comment and Q&A – limit 2 minutes

6:55 PM Public Safety
• SD Police Department – Northern Division Officer Melanie Bognuda
• EMS – Falck Ambulance / Station 50 – Kevin Makinson

7:05 PM Legislative Liaisons and Community Leader Reports – limit 2 minutes

7:15 PM Community Planning Group (UCPG) – Chair Chris Nielsen

7:25 PM Open Community Forum – 2 minute announcement
• Arlene – Garden Club
• Iby Kantor – Help Save UC petition

7:30 PM LWV D6 Candidate Forum April 26:
Candidate statements – 2 minute announcement

Next UCCA meeting Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 6 PM, via Zoom

7:45 PM Roll Call of UCCA Voting Members – Jim
Approval of February minutes – vote
Approval of March minutes – vote
Approval of tonight’s agenda – vote

7:45 PM UCCA Committee Reports – 2 minute announcement
• Treasurer’s Report – Jemma Samala – vote
• Membership Report – Hallie Burch – vote
• Bylaws – Jim Beshears
• Beautification & UCCF – Merle Langston
• Neighborhood Watch – Barbara Gellman
• Newsletter production – Jemma Samala & Terri Day
• Newsletter distribution – Don Hotz
• Parliamentarian / Network of Town Councils – Mack Langston
• Community Plan Update Liaison – Katie Rodolico
• Immediate Past President – Barry Bernstein
• North UC Liaison – Bill Beck
• Recruitment and Nomination – Barbara Gellman & Barry Bernstein
• Special Events – Darlene Ventimiglia & Barbara Henshaw
• UCCA’s Publicity, Banners, Grants; Liaison to MCAS Miramar, CASA, Recreation Group, Fire Safe Council – Diane Ahern

• UCCA – Old Business / New Business

8:15 PM • Adjourn – Next meeting Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 6 PM

Zoom Information for April 13:
Join UCCA meeting:
Zoom ID: 85615463361

From UCCA president Diane Ahern: UCCA (University City Community Association) meets on Wednesday, April 13, at 6 PM via Zoom. This is a public meeting and all are invited to participate. Our special guests this month include Councilmember Joe LaCava and MCAS Miramar Commanding Officer Colonel Bedell. Ongoing agenda items include updates from the University Planning Group (UCPG), Community Plan Update (CPU) Subcommittee, San Diego Police Department, EMS Falck Ambulance, legislative representatives, school board, and other local leaders. We also have a public comment period for those who want to make public announcements and/or requests.

What’s on your agenda? If you want to know more about a particular topic or wish to speak during public forum, please let us know by contacting us at The full preliminary agenda with Zoom link will be posted on this page on Monday, April 11, 2022.

Please note: Information items included for publication in our print newsletter or on our websites or at our meetings does not constitute an endorsement by the University City Community Association (UCCA) organization or its board members. 

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➡️Please note: Information and advertising items included for publication in our print newsletter or on our websites or shared at our community meetings do not constitute an endorsement by the University City Community Association (UCCA) organization or its board members.⬅️

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