Zoom recording for : UCPG meeting Tue June 13: Planning Group (UCPG) releases agenda for 6 PM hybrid format with In-Person and Zoom options


Update 06/14/2023: The Zoom Cloud Recording of the June UCPG Meeting held on Tue, Jun 13, 2023, is now available. You can copy the Recording Information below to view and share with others.  Please note that this was a long meeting with many updates, information and action items. The Zoom recording is over hours 3 long and includes the comments entered in the chat.

Viewers may fast forward through the recording by adjusting the output speed using the control in the lower right corner of the viewing window.  Viewers may also fast forward to find a particular agenda item by using the slide bar that starts at the lower left of the recording window. The Agenda for the UCPG meeting on June 13 is attached at: 2023_06_13_Agenda_UC

Recording Information for UCPG’s Tuesday, June 13, 2023: 

The UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY PLANNING GROUP (UCPG) will meet on June 13, 2023, at 6 PM. This is a hybrid meeting with the UCPG board required to attend in-person at the Alexandria Grad Labs building, 9880 Campus Pointe Drive, Third Floor, Terra Nova Conference Room; and with the choice to participate in-person or by Zoom for presenters and members of the public. The Zoom information is available on page 3 of the agenda at: 2023_06_13_Agenda_UC ; the Zoom information is also available at the end of this post. For more information about the University Community Planning Group, visit: https://www.sandiego.gov/planning/community/profiles/university/agendas

From UCPG Chair Chris Nielsen:

The Agenda for the UCPG meeting on June 13 is attached at: 2023_06_13_Agenda_UC

I’d like to ask for volunteers to participate at the UCPG / Plan Update booth at the UC July 4th Celebration at Standley Park.  Please be prepared to indicate your availability for an hour or two sometime during this all-day event.  It’s important that the UCPG continues to demonstrate community engagement and outreach going forward.

The minutes for the May 9 UCPG meeting are attached at: 2023_05_09_UCPG_Minutes_Draft

A draft of the UCPG April 2022 through March 2023 Annual Report is undergoing one additional revision. It will be send out with other material on Friday 6/9; now available at: 2022_2023_UCPG_Annual_Report_DRAFT

  • Item 7 is an Action Item to replace business member Steve Pomerenke with Anna Bryan from Alexandria Real Estate.  Anna has replaced Steve as the business representative from ARE.
  • Item 8 is an Action Item allowing the board to authorize a necessary absence and remote participation by members of the UCPG board for July under AB2447.  Members claiming a legitimate business, family, or health reason under AB2447 may request the UCPG board vote to allow remote participation for July’s UCPG meeting by a vote of the Board.
  • Item 9 is an Action item for requesting a final project recommendation on an information item heard from them last month.  The project is “One Alexandria Square 7” that proposes to demo two buildings with surface parking and replace them with one building and below grade parking. Presentation: 230613 OAS7 UCPG_R2 LR
  • Item 10 is an Action Item to approve this year’s UCPG Annual Report covering the period April 2022 through March 2023.  This report is undergoing one more revision prior to release to you. The UCPG may choose to approve or send the report back for further revisions.
  • Item 11 is an action item regarding new CPG rules that will apply in January 2024.  I will send additional information for this item shortly.  This action item includes obtaining a booth for community outreach activities at the UC 4th of July Celebration at Standley Park.
  • Item 12 is an information item regarding the University Community Plan Update Subcommittee (CPUS). The Plan Update Subcommittee has been meeting for nearly five years, reviewing and digesting material presented by the city through the planning department on the community plan update. As a subcommittee of the UCPG, the CPUS is required to submit its report to the UCPG which in return submits a report to the city.  The CPUS will not be finished with its report for another two weeks, and the UCPG will not be able to discuss the report until it is complete.  However, we can identify and discuss topics at the CPUS for which we are sure there is substantial agreement.  We propose to discuss these areas of substantial agreement tonight. Reference: 2023_06_09_CPUS_Consensus_for_UCPG

Next meeting: On July 11, the only topic on the UCPG agenda will be the CPUS report to the UCPG.  We will build on the work of the subcommittee and the UCPG this month to produce a report from the UCPG to the city as its comment on the Plan Update.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the June 13 meeting.

Zoom information for June 13:

To Use Zoom for this Hybrid Meeting:

Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85098179174?pwd=Y0dYMmI3aDZwWnNTOCtmNFFqNHo0UT09

Meeting ID: 850 9817 9174

Passcode: 822843

One tap mobile dial in:

Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/keCyVu9Nd3


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