UCPG Meeting Summary, October 2015


THE U.C. PLANNING GROUP (UCPG) REPORT, October 2015 Meeting, submitted by Nancy Groves, UCPG Representative District 1

University Community Planning GroupAt the October 13 UCPG meeting, Chair Janay Kruger announced Rose Canyon soil studies, new turfing at city parks, LOSSAN issues with the track renovation in Rose Canyon. With massive amounts of construction all at the same time in north University City, there will be many challenges. When the north Regents Road section between La Jolla Village Drive and Genesee is under construction the city will keep two lanes open.

The UCSD rep announced that the Regents had approved the graduate housing on Regents Road.

The SANDAG rep addressed the problems with leaving large trucks in the North Regents medians, the hours, noise, and dust. Debby Knight has been videotaping SANDAG working beyond the boundaries. A PG member asked if the clouds of dust from the ballast rock dumping couldn’t be fixed by spraying. The plan is to complete the work in a month and in January install the 2nd track (Janay asked them not to close down the trains during the golf tournament as they did the weekend of the air show.)

The membership report by John Bassler reminded everyone that elections will be in March and that in order to run for a position on the planning group one must attend two meetings prior to March.

Sherri Lightner’s rep enumerated the events the Council chair has attended this month: One La Jolla Center opening, UC Octoberfest, and the ribbon cutting for the S. UC medians. She was instrumental in adding Doyle/Nobel electric charging stations.

Public Comment: An audience member asked why the traffic study being done is not a planning document. Janay answered that it would be once the study and analysis is complete next summer.

The Regency Centers announced a revitalization party for the community, Nov. 12th 5-7PM, with free pizza and ice cream. The company wants community input to the revitalization plans for Costa Verde.

Joe LaCava is running for City Council District 1. He had his first debate last Thursday with one community and two business candidates. Discussions focused on home sharing and short-term rentals. He also gave a news alert: the sidewalk in front of your house is now your responsibility since the city says it would take $40-45 million to repair all sidewalks. Next debate is the 4th Wednesday in March in the L.J. Village Community room next to AMC.

An audience member addressed the truck noise at the Sprouts on Governor, especially at night when they back in with beeps. He also brought up the “no right turn on red” sign at Regents and Governor. Several people felt that it is not helpful and if it stays, it should have larger signs on both sides of Governor.

Garden Communities asked for a time extension to the plan revision. Currently they are adding 48 residential condos on a 4.69-acre site to the 157 existing condos at 9515 Genesee. While building they will use 155 spaces at Costa Verde for resident parking and provide a shuttle for residents. There was discussion of how inconvenient this will be since the parking is several blocks away. They said all residents had been informed and could get out of their lease because of the inconvenience.

Scripps Hospital campus needs a neighborhood use permit for a sign program. The city formula for sign size is set to width of street and speed of traffic on the streets from which the signs can be seen. The presenter wanted approval to add signage allowances together since many can be seen from multiple streets. Scripps is not asking for more or bigger signs just a simpler way of computing. UCPG approved.

Verizon Cellular presented a plan to replace two light standards at Nobel Park with similar poles having the same lighting and vertical cellular devices. The leasing would pay $2,000-3,000 per month to the city with a 20-year lease. Verizon is coordinating with parks & rec, the city, and the fire dept. There was some opposition to having the cell towers close to children’s play areas. The approval was 10 yea, 3 nay, 2 abstain.

Mid Coast Corridor Transit Project: SANDAG is coordinating the extension of the blue line, from Old Town north parallel to the 5 freeway along with relocation/renovation of the sewer, water, and telephone lines as well as changing Voigt Dr. to a four-lane street. There will be stations at La Jolla Village by CA. Pizza Kitchen, VA Hospital, UCSD at Pepper Canyon, Voigt Dr. for access to Scripps and UCSD Medical Centers, Executive Dr., and UTC. Parking space approximations are: Tecolote 250, Balboa 280, Clairemont 150, La Jolla Village 250, and UTC 260. There will be 5 trolley cars on the line with each holding 200 people. There was discussion of the parking, crime being brought into the neighborhood, and the current 220 security guards. The blue line extension will provide transit for office workers, hospital workers, UCSD students and staff, and UTC clerks; this will get many commuters off the freeways and streets. Designs for stations and trolley stanchions were shown. The glass lit elevators and materials looked pleasing but there was discussion on how to make the stanchions down the middle of Genesee look better when viewed from the street below. The blue line extension final engineering was accepted in April 2015, full funding grant to give 50% of the 2 billion in Spring 2016, and construction should start summer 2016.

As part of the SANDAG project, MTS showed the signage for the trolley. The object of the signs is to maintain consistency of size, clarity, and to avoid clutter. UC Health paid 30 million for naming rights to the stations and wraps for 5 cars. Two big problems surround the signage: 1. No one was informed that there was any bid or public notice for the naming rights, 2. Station signs have lost their function by becoming advertising rather than directional signs. For instance, “Old Town-UC San Diego Hillcrest” is very misleading since Hillcrest is nowhere near Old Town.

SD Public Utilities Dept. gave a very clear but disturbing presentation on the cost of water. The presenter stated that the increase is due to the rise in the rate the Metropolitan Water District is charging San Diego, and the investment in Pure Water, the new desalinated water plant, and replacing 35 miles of aging pipes. Each homeowner or bill payer for apts/condos was sent a Notice of Public Hearing for proposed water rate increases with their water bill. The hearing is Nov. 17, 2015 at City Administration Bldg., 202 C Street, 12th floor in council chambers. The rate increase goes up each year for a total of 41% increase in 5 years. The County has sued the MWD yet it will be 2 more years before the final judgment. If 51% of the ratepayers protest, then the City Council cannot approve the rate increases. You can protest the proposed water rate increases by tearing off the form on the back of your notice and mailing it before the end of the public hearing on Nov. 17. If you have lost your form, you can download it at sandiego.gov, go to tab ‘water& sewer bill/rates’ and click on “Notice of Public Hearing.” The price of reclaimed water has increased 80 cents to $1.73 and will go to $2.14. Since they decided to stop extending the purple pipes, they have more reclaimed water than they can sell.

Next meeting: November 10, 6 PM at Scripps Office Bldg, 10010 Campus Pointe Dr. Preliminary agenda: Scripps Research Inst., Rose Canyon Trunk Sewer Repair, GHD, Regents Road widening, MTS signage, Costa Verde renovation

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