UCPG Summary of May 10 meeting


Courtesy of Nancy Groves, UCPG Representative  District 1:

UCPG University Community Planning GroupUniversity Community Planning Group chairperson Janay Kruger made announcements and summarized what is to be on the agenda. Three new members have been added to the Costa Verde Committee. The City Planning Committee Update will be circulated this year. There will be a park master plan for the entire city since the last one was in 1956. The Kilroy project and land will now be dedicated parkland.

The traffic study draft is targeted for the June 10 meeting and there will be 45 days for public review. There will be a subcommittee to review the traffic, green gas, and biology. Members of the sub committee chaired by Andy Weiss were appointed and they should finish their review by July 25. Recently the reclaimed water was shut down since the biology tests showed contamination and water trucks were used as replacement. The county is trying methods for reducing the odor from the greenery recycling.

The UCSD update for the 2018 Long Range Development Plan will have a committee comprised of three persons each from UCPG and the La Jolla Planning Group. New on campus housing will be increased by 800-1,000 beds and Mesa housing will be replaced. UCSD will be looking at ways to keep traffic off the streets and provide a pedestrian bridge. The Jacobs Medical center grand opening will be September 24.

The membership committee announced that there were additional new forms for membership and change of address. Kyle Heiskala from Council Chair Lightner’s Office announced the budget review process and department reviews and their dates. They are still looking for community members who would like to be on the following city committees: gang commission, forest board, parking, library, and consolidated plan committee. The Charter Review Committee is reviewing the ballot initiatives A-G. He mentioned the new “no right on red” lighted sign at Regents and Governor which is only in force when lit. There is still discussion of revising the crossings at Genesee and Governor.

The Public Comments: A.) Isabel explained the Costal Conservancy on the North East corner of Mission Bay and the project to Re-wild Mission Bay now that the camp land area lease is up in 2017 and the De Anza lease is up. B.) Barbara Bry, candidate for City Council District 1, announced her priorities of public safety, a South U.C. fire station, trolley updates, reducing traffic congestion with ride share, flex hours, and getting the Rose Canyon Bridge and the Genesee widening out of the updated UC Community Plan.

The Spectrum 3 & 4 presentation will be an update to the 1999 buildings located on Torrey Pines Mesa just East of Science Park Drive. The update will use only the existing lots and hard-scape. They will provide underground parking and change the current inefficient energy use to very efficient with a Leed Gold building. To help reduce the number of cars they are planning: a bike pavilion, and giving a $25-$300 a month subsidy for biking or ride sharing to work. Also shuttle service will be provided to the Coaster and a compressed workweek offered. The Planning Group approved.

The Scripps Research Institute wants to amend the EIR to accommodate expansion. The 200,000 sq.ft. Neuroscience Institute building on Genesee and N. Torrey Pines is to be removed and replaced with a new 192,000 building with underground parking and surface parking will have solar panels above. This request was approved.

John Alderson from UTC presented the Westfield new residential plans. They plan to build a 300 unit residential tower where the Goodyear Tire store is now on the corner of Genesee and Nobel. The building was approved in 2008 so this is an information item. The plan is for a 22 story building facing E & West. Parking will be self-contained under the building. The units are upscale apartments, not condos and will be rentals. The plans will be submitted by early June. When it goes to the city there will be 30 days for comments.

John Haggarty gave the SANDAG Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project overview. There was to be a video showing the trolley movement but due to a technical problem, just plans were shown.

Next UCPG meeting June 14, 6 PM, Scripps Office Bldg, 10010 Campus Pointe Drive.

Mid-Coast Corridor Transit ProjectEditor’s note re Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project YouTube video:

The Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project will extend Trolley service from the Old Town Transit Center to the University City community serving major activity centers such as UC San Diego, Westfield UTC, Old Town, and Downtown San Diego.

Take a tour of the Mid-Coast Corridor, see the landmarks, and get a bird’s eye view. This video was first published on YouTube on January 25, 2015.

Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project YouTube video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mg4s8oOMQ6A#t=19.579271

More information is available at http://www.sandag.org/midcoast.


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