Miramar’s Commanding Officer briefs May 14, 2019, UCPG meeting


From Diane Ahern, UCCA’s Liaison to Miramar Community Leaders Forum (CLF): MCAS Miramar’s Commanding Officer Colonel Charles Dockery presented at the May 14 UCPG meeting about current and future operations. The first single-engine F-35 aircraft will arrive in late 2019; the first F-35 squadrons will arrive in early 2020. Miramar’s location in San Diego places it in close proximity to both offshore and onshore training areas.

Colonel Dockery indicated that despite standard instrument flight procedures which are designed to keep aircraft east of the 805, aircraft arriving and departing Miramar can fly over University City, do fly over University City, and will continue to fly over University City. He claimed to have documentation from the FAA confirming the legality of military flights over University City. Furthermore, Colonel Dockery indicated he will not insist that standard flight procedures are followed; nor is he willing to hold pilots accountable if they do not follow standard flight procedures.

Update 7/3/2019: For an audio recording of the Operations Brief from May 14, 2019, visit UCCA’s SoundCloud channel at https://soundcloud.com/ucca-785209867/ucpg-meeting-may-14-2019-1

  • Current airfield and flight operations, including questions, noise complaints and other concerns about operations at MCAS Miramar, contact the Operations Duty Officer (ODO) by phone at the time of the incident at 858-307-4277. and provide details about the incident including date, time, location and type of aircraft.
  • File noise and operations complaints and concerns electronically by email at miramarmcas.odo@usmc.mil
  • General inquiries contact Communications Office at miramarmedia@usmc.mil; or call 858-307-6000.
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