Attn Nonpartisan Voters: Make Sure Your Ballot has the Option You Want


From the County News Center: The San Diego County Registrar’s office is sending nearly 1.8 million postcards to the County’s registered voters in the coming weeks to let you know that your political party registration determines which presidential primary candidates will appear on your March 3, 2020 primary election ballot. So – who can you vote for? It depends on how you’ve registered. All registered voters fall under one of two categories.

  • Registered with a Political Party: If you are registered with one of the six political parties in California, your ballot will list only that party’s presidential primary candidates. You can vote only for that party’s presidential candidates. If your party registration is different from the party of the presidential primary candidate you want to vote for, you will need to register to vote with that party.
  • Registered as Nonpartisan: If you are registered as nonpartisan (also known as independent or no party preference), your March 3 ballot will not list the presidential primary contest or candidates. More than 550,000 voters in San Diego County are registered as nonpartisan. If you are one of them, you can take steps now to vote for a presidential candidate in the primary.

Political Parties Allowing Nonpartisan Voters to Cross Over: This year, the American Independent, Democratic and Libertarian parties are allowing nonpartisan voters to take part in their presidential primary elections. But nonpartisan voters must request one of these three parties’ ballots to vote for that party’s presidential primary candidate. Selecting one of these three parties’ ballots will not register you with that party. You will remain a nonpartisan voter.

That’s an excerpt of information from a County News Center post; for the complete story and more information about voting in the March 3, 2020 primary, visit


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