Proposed 21-story UC San Diego development receives negative reaction from LJ Shores Association


San Diego Community News Group is reporting 03/02/2020 that some La Jollans are balking at a UC San Diego proposal to build five new multi-story buildings on a parking lot adjacent to La Jolla Playhouse, insisting that letting the university “creep” into surrounding neighborhoods will cause traffic congestion imperiling public safety.

Dubbed the Future College Living and Learning Neighborhood, the project is designed to provide residential life and administrative space for a new undergraduate college, with approximately 2,000 undergraduate beds, classrooms, an estimated 1,200 underground parking spaces and a conference and retail space.

The new development, consisting of three nine- to 11-story buildings located along the campus edge, and two taller 16- and 21-story buildings located in the interior of the site to the east, would have a conference on top of one of the buildings and a public market at ground level. Plans for the new multifaceted center were unveiled at an open house hosted by UC San Diego January 22, 2020.

Janie Emerson, president of the La Jolla Shores Association community advisory group, said the sheer scale of the project, as well as its timing, has taken the community by surprise. 

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