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March Event Notice! Due to City and County health guidelines, many of the events and meetings listed in the March 2020 print newsletter have been cancelled or rescheduled. UCCA is aware that public libraries, public schools, recreation centers and pools are closed from March 16 to April 6; at which time the situation will be reassessed. Please check with your event planner or venue for more information. For more COVID-19 news and information from the City of San Diego, visit at

March 2020 University City News – click to PDF

The PDF version of the March 2020 University City News is online now; and print versions will be available at the Recreation Center and Library on Governor Drive as of Thursday afternoon. Print newsletters are delivered to homes and businesses in the University City area beginning Friday, March 6, 2020.

This month’s issue was postponed by one week to allow us to include news and pictures of all the events that took place the last week of February. By delaying a week, we were able to include pictures and news from the City’s Economic Forum for University City, UCLL and UC del Sol Opening Days, the Grand Opening of Cal Coast Credit Union, UC Cars and Coffee, Beth West’s Retirement Gathering, Sights and Sounds, and much more. Our cover story this month provides updates and details about the SDUSD’s Imagine UC 2020 project to build a pool and improve the fields adjacent to Standley Park.

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From UCCA President Barry Bernstein: Welcome to March…Spring officially arrives this month…a leap year day late. Home gardens are being prepared, clocks are moved forward, ambitious souls begin “spring cleaning”, and the elusive leprechauns and plain folks look forward to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

When you hear the word “crack” what comes to mind? Is it the illegal drug or the bat hitting the ball, (UC Little League and Mesa del Sol have begun their seasons). Or could it be a mah jong player discarding their tile? For major league baseball fans, particularly this Spring, because of the well- publicized cheating scandal, this could become a real blow to our National Pastime’s credibility. Our Padres go back to their original brown/gold colors…and you’ll definitely need a scorecard of sorts to recognize all their new players. “Hope springs eternal” for Padre fans like myself.

The Primary elections are over and the final two candidates in most categories have been identified. UCCA and the San Diego League of Women Voters will be finalizing details for a candidates forum to be held at UC High School later this year. For the time being we can take a break from reading/tossing out all the candidate election material we received in the U.S. mail, not have as many flashing advertisements on our home computer screens, and maybe not as many survey/robot calls asking for a response. Do you know that in other democratic countries, for instance England, election campaigns are restricted to eight weeks…in Canada 50 days, and in Japan far less.

On February 24, the San Diego City Council approved the “ImagineUC 2020” project, with a target date in June to begin the new swimming pool component at Standley Park. Many thanks go out to Dr. John Lee Evans for his leadership in getting this often delayed project to the finish line. As you may or may not know the approval was dependent upon using ALL of the amount of funds in our South U.C. Developers Impact Fees, DIF. (Read Dr. Evan’s report on the front page.)

And other important San Diego City Council news, in this case regarding UCCF’s law suit opposing the Pure Water/pipeline alignment: The approval process has run into legal complications with the union workers contract. This may delay not only the project construction for an untold number of months, but may derail all the hard work that’s been accomplished in establishing a favorable settlement for our community. Stay tuned!

On February 27, the City’s Planning Department held an Economic Forum focusing on the current and projected impact of growth in University City. This forum’s purpose was to provide information for the development of the new University City Community Plan. Saturday, February 29 saw the new U.C. Little League President, Ryan Preston, preside over the Grand Opening at Standley Park, and California Coast Credit Union president, Todd Lane, officially announce their Grand Opening at the MarketPlace just down the street from the ball field. It’s interesting to point out that both Ryan and Todd, when younger, participated in youth sports at Standley Park.

Here are your “March”-ing orders…do your best to stay healthy, (as of this writing the CoronaVirus is still spreading), root for the Aztec basketball team in their run for the NCAA Basketball title, and to show you care about University City – JOIN UCCA in supporting the events/activities/and organizations that make University City “more than just a neighborhood”. Thanks…have a great Spring. ~Barry


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