Back by Popular Demand! It’s the 4th of July UC Celebration 2021 Virtual Photo Race Scavenger Hunt

UC Celebration - Photo Scavenger Hunt - 2018

It’s the Photo Scavenger Hunt! While the traditional 4th of July UC Celebration at Standley Park in University City is cancelled for 2021, the Photo Scavenger Hunt will continue in a virtual format. Photo Scavenger Hunt creator James Floyd has prepared the clues as usual. You still have to go outside to take photos of the answers, but just like last year’s virtual event, you can solve and photograph at your own pace – no time pressure! And you can have a team of any size, so you can work alone or get your friends or family members to help out.

If you haven’t done one of the UC Photo Races before, this is a good chance to try out the game without having to race on foot. Below you will see a set of ten clues. Each of the clues will lead you to a location or landmark in University City, and there might even be multiple locations that fit the clue criteria – you only need to find one of them!

Go to each location and take a photo of your entire team there. Checkpoint locations don’t need to be in order, but do need to be clearly identifiable. Unlike the regular annual photo race, you don’t need to travel on foot, so feel free to use bikes, cars, scooters, or whatever — while the regular annual photo race is usually limited in range from along Governor Drive from Regents Road to Agee Street, this challenge can be solved with locations all over University City, north and south, and maybe even on your own street!

Once you’ve taken all the photos that fit the clues, cross the finish line by emailing them along with your team’s name to James Floyd at – you can either attach the photos or link to them on Instagram or Facebook or elsewhere online that’s publicly viewable. We’ll post the best photos on the UC Celebration site at

The 2021 Photo Scavenger Hunt Clues; see below or download the PDF form at

  1. And in other news: The same word fits into each of the blanks in these phrases: _____ slide. _____ fall. Fresh _____. Find a decorative structure in UC that has this stuff going for a drop, and have your whole team put a hand on it for your photo.
  2. Be a hero! Did Ruben see a submarine firing a torpedo in PB & Jay join a club? Dagwood said, “Hi-ho, guitars are best for listening to the Count of Monte Cristo, you know, that French diplomat.” For your photo, put your team in front of a sign for an establishment that specializes in what we’re sneakily talking about here.
  3. Take a hike! University City is surrounded by canyons with paths suitable for walking or mountain biking. In one of these canyons, find one of the brown route signs and take a photo with a hand from each teammate pointing at it.
  4. Apartment for rent, cheep? Find a structure that was built to be a residence for a grosbeak, vireo, flicker, or grackle and get your team in the pic with it for this clue. Not sure where to find one? There’s one fairly close to a pterodactyl nest in a local park.
  5. Mr. Squiggly: Within sight of a donut shop, there is an unusually shaped metal structure that was designed for the safe storage of two-wheelers. Take a photo with this black undulating marvel while trying to imitate it.
  6. A rose by any other name: In Standley Park playground, there is a plaque with a flower on it. Find the plaque and take a photo with it there.
  7. The world on our doorstep: University City is home to many establishments that have connections to other countries and cultures. For your photo, pose with a business sign that contains the name of an Asian place or culture.
  8. Hit the streets: Our nation’s flag is sometimes known as Old Glory, the Stars & Stripes or even the Red, White, and Blue. Find an intersection where ALL the street names start with an O, G, S, R, W, or B. Take a photo with your team under a set of street name signs and hold up the sign language letters for at least one of the street names.
  9. Go east! Somewhere along Governor Drive within sight of Interstate 805, there is a plaque honoring a man named Jake. Find it, and take a photo next to it with your team pretending to be driving.
  10. Staying safe: While the mandate is no longer in effect for those who are vaccinated, it’s still important to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Take a photo with your masks on, with a government building in the background.

For information about the 2020 Photo Scavenger Hunt, visit

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