Beginning October 18: MCAS Miramar Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLP) scheduled for next three weeks


From MCAS Miramar: Miramar will be conducting Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLPs) starting this week and continuing into the beginning of November 2021. Training will include day and night operations.  For noise abatement, Flight Operations is limiting the number of aircraft in the FCLP pattern (no more than 3) and they shouldn’t be continuing past 10 PM. Those who live or work adjacent to MCAS Miramar may experience increased flight activity.

During Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLP), pilots perform repetitive “touch and go” landings at Miramar airfield to simulate landing on an aircraft carrier. FCLP is required flight training that precedes carrier landing operations and simulates, as near as practicable, the conditions encountered during carrier landing operations. The skills required to complete carrier landings must be routinely practiced by pilots of all experience levels to maintain the requisite level of proficiency.


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