SDUT: Can University City handle twice as many people, jobs and homes? What’s in the proposed community plan update?


As published by the San Diego Union Tribune 12/26/2022: Can University City handle twice as many people, jobs and homes? That’s what San Diego has planned for it. Despite a backlash to the proposed jump in housing units, population and jobs, city officials say neighborhood — the city’s top employment center — is primed for such growth.

From the report by the Union Tribune’s David Garrick: The population of San Diego’s University City neighborhood would more than double and the number of jobs would sharply increase under a proposal to update the community’s growth blueprint for the first time since 1987.

High-rise housing as tall as 10 stories or more would be encouraged in five “focus areas,” including three oriented around stations on the trolley line extension connecting UC San Diego and Old Town that opened last year.

Several existing one-story shopping plazas, including two in southern University City, would be re-zoned to allow major redevelopment that could include as many as 500 units of housing at each site.

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