Planning Department releases “Community Discussion Draft” for the University City Community Plan Update (CPU)


Information from the City Planning Department: The Planning Department has released the first draft of the updated University Community Plan; available for viewing and download at

The purpose of this draft, referred to as a “Community Discussion Draft,” is to provide a comprehensive document for the community to review and provide feedback; it is not final, and needs your feedback. Please share that feedback with us by emailing comments to 

Comments will be accepted on the first draft until June 30, 2023, and will then be reviewed along with all other comments received. Please share your input on the first draft of the updated University Community Plan.  The Community Discussion Draft will then be updated based on feedback received. We anticipate an updated Draft Plan, along with a draft environmental document, will be available later this summer for further review.

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions to help answer questions you may have about the plan and the planning process.

To share your input on the University Community Discussion Draft, visit the website or email

Please note this information from the website:

A Community Plan Update:

  • Provides guidance and policies for how a community will be planned over the next 30 years.
  • Considers land use, mobility, infrastructure, urban design, public facilities and services, natural resources, historic and cultural resources, and economic development in the long-term plans for the community.
  • Addresses Citywide goals in the General Plan and Climate Action Plan.
  • Guides how future planning applications are assessed.

A Community Plan Update is NOT:

  • NOT An immediate change or approval for development.
  • NOT A requirement for any immediate change in housing, jobs and infrastructure.
  • NOT A regulatory document that mandates development.

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