City changes Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Survey and Ranking Procedures; Seeks Community Input with Infrastructure Priorities Survey Priorities Survey


Update 08/12/2023: Deadline Reminder: The deadline to respond to get on the consideration list for this year is Tuesday, August 15. If you’re supportive of improvements at Marcy, Standley, and/or Gardens Parks, please complete the Infrastructure Survey. If you support improvements at the Library on Governor, please complete the survey. If you have other project ideas, please complete the survey … by Tuesday, August 15.

PLEASE complete the Infrastructure Priorities Survey at:

You have at least two options and both have the same deadline.
– Take care, Diane

From Diane Ahern, University City Community Association (UCCA) President: The City has changed the way they rank Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) this year; no longer do they have to be ranked by Planning Groups. Anyone, including Community Recreation Groups, Fire Safe Councils, Library Friends, Community Associations … and individuals who are not associated with any particular group … can submit a capital improvement project (CIP) idea by filling out the Infrastructure Priorities Survey.

Please take the time to read this information from Chris Nielsen from the Planning Group; he explains the changes and the deadlines. We need to act on this quickly or we will lose out until next year. We have several projects of interest already … the more of us who enter support for these projects the more likely they are to see support at the City level.

From Chris Nielsen, University Community Planning Group (UCPG) Chair: I’ve attached the CIP list approved by the UCPG on August 1; it’s available here: 2023_08_01 2023 UCPG CIP List

To support the UCPG CIP list, please complete the Infrastruture Priorities Survey at:

  • Begin filling out the survey by answering the first two questions.
  • Then, under Project Ideas, fill in as many ideas as you want to support from the UCPG list using the SURVEY ADDRESS and SURVEY DESCRIPTION provided under each CIP project.
  • Use the UCPG CIP list to drag and drop the SURVEY ADDRESS field and the PROJECT DESCRIPTION into the survey for a given CIP project. It’s fast and easy.
  • When finished, answer the six short questions provided and push the SUBMIT button.
  • Remember, the first and last part of the survey need only be answered once, and multiple projects submitted.

You may submit any CIP projects NOT on the UCPG list by following the same procedure below. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR CIP PROJECTS BY AUGUST 15. This is ONE WEEK away. Submissions received after August 15 become the first projects submitted for the next CIP period (FY 2026 to FY 2030).

From the City of San Diego: We want to hear from you! Please take this survey to help us prioritize infrastructure projects and improvements in the City. Input gathered through this survey and other input received will be reviewed and considered as we develop project lists for the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The deadline to fill out this year’s survey is August 15th, 2023, to be considered for the annual budget process for fiscal year 2025. For more information from the City of San Diego, visit:


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