Planning Dept: Comment Period for the Draft EIR Remains 45 Days


From UCPG (community planning group) chair Chris Nielsen: At the University Community Planning Group meeting on February 13, 2024, a resolution was passed unanimously asking that the comment period be extended from 45 to 90 days for both the proposed Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the University Community Plan Update and the Revised Community Plan Update.

Late on Thursday, February 22nd, Coby Tomlins, Community Planning Program Manager for the City Planning Department, responded that the comment period on the DEIR and the Revised Community Plan Update (CPU) will remain 45-days, stating in part that:

“We understand and value the importance of providing ample time for review and feedback. The discussion draft University Community Plan was made available for a three-month review period, and during this timeframe, the City Planning Department consistently encouraged continuous engagement and continues to today, fostering an environment for ongoing input. This extended duration has been instrumental in facilitating comprehensive consideration and feedback on the University Community Plan. As such, we anticipate that a 45-day review period for the second draft of the University Community Plan and supporting documents will provide ample time for review and comments.”

The UCPG (community planning group) will continue to work with the City to provide comments on both the DEIR and Draft Plan Update going forward.  We will be meeting with City Planning Department staff regarding the revised Plan Update documents and timing on March 12.  We have no additional information on the timing of the release of the Plan Update documents, and we will update the community as additional information becomes available.


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