UCCA President Barry Bernstein: October message to University City


Barry Bernstein is University City Community Association President. Highlights of his message include Oktoberfest, Imagine UC 2020, UCCA’s election of officers, UC traffic study, UCCA membership for 2016.

Barry BernsteinOctober is here…and I hope many of you are planning to attend and enjoy the wonderful EdUCate sponsored Oktoberfest event at Standley Park which supports our public schools https://www.universitycitynews.org/2015/09/29/oktoberfest-saturday-october-10/. And while you’re there, please stop by the “Imagine UC 2020” table for a first hand update on this VERY important community Standley Park improvement project.

Our schools are open, the “Blue Angels” and the Marines at Miramar are completing a great weekend of flying, and the Chargers are providing exciting football for their loyal fans. It’s been a frustrating season for our Padres…but there’s always next year. For sure there will be an All-Star game here in 2016, as well as a chance to see the Yankees and Red Sox in intra- league play.

Our weather, well what can I say…the one day rainstorm was a pleasant relief from the humid hot weather we experienced in September. Now, meteorologists are predicting a monster wet winter…calling it a “Godzilla” storm of great proportions…blaming it all on the warm ocean waters carried by the El Nino currents…so how many rain barrels will you be buying?

UCCA’s election of officers takes place in November…see the election information article on page 3 of the print newsletter.

At the September UCPG meeting a great deal of discussion took place regarding the on- going University City “traffic study” promised by Mayor Faulconer. Please take a moment to read one of South UC’s UCPG representatives, Nancy Groves, column on page 12 of the print newsletter for the latest information on how that study is being conducted; or online at https://www.universitycitynews.org/2015/09/12/nancy-groves-ucpg-report-of-september-meeting/.

Whether it’s nostalgia or annoyance … get used to the train whistle/horn as it goes through Rose Canyon these days. The state law requires the train engineer to signal in construction zones. Next month, a full report on this railroad track expansion project will be published in our newsletter.

And of course, I’d like to encourage each and every one of you to become a UCCA member for 2016. UCCA meets the second Wednesday of the month at our library on Governor Drive…please feel welcome to attend these meetings to learn more about events and issues in UC, and to let us know what we might do to help you with any particular concern.

If you live here, work here, have a business here…then you should be a part of what’s happening in University City. Check out our membership page…see what UCCA does to maintain and improve the quality of life in University City. Remember, we are “more than just a neighborhood”. JOIN UCCA online at https://www.universitycitynews.org/join-ucca-today/; or complete and return the membership coupon found in the October print newsletter.

Paper copies of UCCA”s October newsletter are available at University City libraries and recreation centers; and online at https://www.universitycitynews.org/ucca-newsletter-archives/

What do Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor, ImproveUC and UCCA have in common? They are all ways neighbors can connect with neighbors and the University City community. Create a post, start a conversation, share the news, organize an event, keep in touch, take a look:


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