UCPG University Community Planning Group Report for February 2016

From Nancy Groves, UCPG Rep District 1:

UCPG University Community Planning GroupChair Janay Kruger announced: 1.) Jerry Bischoff from VI has been added to the Costa Verde Committee, 2.) the city changed speed limits on Charmant from 35 to 30 and on N. Torrey Pines Rd from 50 to 45, 3.) notices were posted about the new fire station 50, 4.) the question of a possible violation of the Brown Act (open public meeting) because of private meetings and 1,000 private e-mails by MTS, SANDAG, UCSD, Ron Roberts and four members of the city council concerning the $39 million naming rights of trolley stations .

Elections for the UCPG Executive Committee will be from 5-8 P.M. on March 8 at the 10010 Campus Pointe Dr. building in the 1st floor lobby at the back of the building. One must be a registered member of the University City community and bring a photo I.D. that verifies your address in the district. The only contested seat is resident, District 1, which is occupied by myself, Nancy Groves who is being challenged by realtor, Glen Martin and by resident, Lou Rodolico. Bruce Rainey who has 2 yrs. left to finish his term is resigning and Ross Caulum also from Scripps Health is running to complete his business-3 seat. After serving nine years, Nan Madden is running for another 3 yr. term since there isn’t another businessperson running for District 1.

UCSD reported on the joint venture by SANDAG/MTS/UCSD to start building the Gilman Bridge located just behind the VA hospital to link the west campus to the east medical center over I-5.

Kyle Heiskala reported for Sherri Lightner on the city budget process and the priority memos being discussed: 1.) changing the UC Fast Response Squad from 12 hrs to 24 hrs, 2.) increasing pedestrian and bike safety, and off-season pool hours, 4.) code enforcement, 5.) wages for EMT/Paramedics, 6.) smart growth assets, and Torrey Pines Science Park. Besides the budget process, he has been looking into the odors complaints in south U.C. and Clairemont, the safety of the pedestrian bridge to UTC on L.J. Village after having been struck , funds for widening and crosswalks. Boards and commissions have openings on gangs, parking, senior affairs advisory, human sourcing, libraries, internal affairs, and city attorney; if you would like to volunteer to serve contact Kyle. Discussions with Kyle included car break-ins, flooding, and the schedule for undergrounding of power lines.

MCAS Miramar reported on the 52 citations issued recently for trespassing; they are working on more signage.

Planner Dan Monroe reported that the existing conditions report of the transportation study to amend the University Community Circulation Plan was complete. The two traffic engineers explained the section analysis, pedestrian, bike, freeway, and ramps studies and details about how the studies were performed. The worst intersections were the La Jolla Village Drive/ Genesee and the Governor/ Genesee. They are studying existing deficiencies in the system and the four scenarios proposed while performing models for 2035 including the eventual trolley and in the not too distant future driverless cars. The future conditions report should be ready by May, the draft Environmental Impact Report by June, and lead to the update of the Facilities Benefit Account.

John Haggerty from SANDAG introduced the construction contractor Frank Oswiany to give an information update on the construction plans for the mid coast trolley. Currently the right of way letters are out for acquisition. Work will be performed starting March 1, 2016 on Genesee for the undergrounding of the utilities and storm drains, and from Sept. 2016-Jan 2018 for the widening. The third phase will be the building of the overhead bridge down the middle of Genesee to UTC during Sept 2017-Oct 2019. During construction the same number of lanes will be available by day and work will be at night from 9 P.M. to 5 A.M. The fourth phase will be done above the street level as they install the tracks and stations from Oct., 2019 through Jan., 2021. The 11.4-mile trolley will have 3 ½ miles above grade and should be complete by early 2021. There was discussion about heavy equipment on roads, the replacement of 21 trees, and the repaving of Genesee.

The Kilroy Office Building at 9455 Towne Center Drive was back on the agenda with the updated parking structure in the plan. They gave the details of the number of ADT’s and the number they can use from another of their facilities. The proposal for the new building and parking structure was reviewed and a vote was taken to approve.

Genesee Plaza: An information item was brought forward on behalf of the owners of Genesee Plaza at 9333-9339 Genesee Ave. It is currently office and medical office use. The site was originally all office space and a cap was put on the amount of medical space since more trips and parking would be needed. They request that UCPG recommend approval of the PDP amendment to remove the medical office square footage cap. They argue that medical disperses the trips through out the day rather than having them all there at one time; there are not enough parking spaces. Currently there is a big demand for medical space from UCSD and Scripps. They will return next meeting.

Verizon brought plans to remove and replace 9 antennas and add 3 antennas, which are screened on the roof at 8775 Costa Verde Blvd. Approval was granted.

City Real Estate Assets: An item was brought to the planning group’s attention that the City Real Estate Assets wants to sell 3-4 acres of land on top of the science research parcel at the end of Campus Pointe Drive which is part of a 42 acre parcel designated as open space. The City Council Committee on Smart Growth and Land Use makes the decision and it did not come to the UCPG because the city staff advises on land use and the city does not change the land use. The parcel the city wants to sell as industrial is connected to open space. A motion was made to recommend to the city to postpone the sale until the UCPG could give feedback. The motion was not acted upon since the item was not on the agenda and available to the public; to have a vote would be in violation of the Brown Act. However, the Smart Growth Committee meeting is Feb. 10, and one can go to the meeting and object to the selling of part of the 42-acre parcel.

University Community Planning Group (UCPG) meetings are held on second Tuesdays. The next meeting is Tuesday, March 8, 2016; at a new location: Scripps Building at 10010 Campus Point Drive, first floor on the left. For information and agendas, visit http://www.sandiego.gov/planning/community/profiles/university/agendas.shtml

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