University Community Planning Group (UCPG) Report for July and September 2016

Courtesy of Nancy Groves, UCPG Rep District 1:

nancy-grovesSince I was not available in August to do a report for the September issue, let me catch you up on the events of the very important July 12 meeting. Most people in UC are interested in the University Community Plan Transportation Element. Andy Wiese, Chair of the Sub-Committee read the draft response of the committee to the DPEIR. After hearing community speakers in support of the amendment and community members in opposition to the amendment, the final motion was voted on by the UCPG representatives. The removal of the Regents Road Bridge and Genesee Avenue widening from the project is the environmentally superior alternative. The vote on the motion was 11 in favor, 1 opposed, 3 abstentions and at the end of the meeting a motion was made to reconsider the vote in order to make technical changes in regards to Chapter 10 of the EIR to note that we oppose TRA1.6, and TRA 2.3, because they are inconsistent with the project description; the vote was 10 in favor, 1 opposed, 4 abstentions.

The September 13 meeting was less contentious but informative. The Chair advised using the “Get It Done” app to report potholes, etc. and that there are ongoing meetings for the Westfield Sub-Committee, the Costa Verde Sub-Committee, and City Planning Commission meeting on October 27. The SDPD announced a new phone tree for the Northern Division to improve efficiency: 619.531.2000. Anu Delouri gave the UCSD update and left printed copies at the door. Peter Krysl and Nancy Groves are the two UCPG reps to the UCSD Long Range Planning Committee. Kyle Heiskala from Council Chair Lightner’s office reported on the completion of the new UC Village Tot Lot, repairs on Governor Drive, the fire near Nobel, new crosswalk painting, the re-vegetation process in Rose Canyon, and Development Services’ review of the proposed building at 5807 Regents Road. Dan Monroe from the city Planning Department set forth the dates for review of the UC Plan amendment: October 27, November 16, and December 6.

The public comment speakers spoke on the Audubon conservation project to ReWild Mission Bay. The second speaker, Barbara Bry reminded everyone to vote; her opponent Ray Ellis has withdrawn but his name will still appear on the ballot. Isabel brought up the La Jolla Village Dr. renovations in the Whole Foods shopping mall, which seem to have many hazards and no sidewalks continuing from Nobel into the area. She will follow up with Development Services and Transportation.

BioMed Realty had speakers present a plan to revitalize the site at 9775 Towne Centre Drive to create updated scientific research buildings. The project would involve demolition and replacement of existing buildings, the transfer of development rights from other properties, and implementation of a TDM (Transportation Demand Management). They will provide bike and other transport options but discussion ensued about how to account for employees’ use of these alternatives. They will come back to the planning group; this was just a vote to allow them to initiate a community plan amendment.

Information was presented on the Pure Water Project, pump stations and lines. San Diego imports 85% of its water and 150 million gallons a year of treated sewage goes into the ocean. Though there is a Pure Water Demonstration plant the city is now building the real facility and has changed plans from pumping water into the San Vicente Reservoir to now pump the water much closer to Miramar Lakes. The water from the pure water plant will be mixed with the Miramar water and then go through the city purification system for reuse. By 2035 one third of the city water will be recycled ‘Pure Water’. There are no plans to place more purple pipes (recycled water). There is a site in Scripps Ranch where one can buy recycled water but no plans to locate other sites.

La Jolla Village II, 31.06 acres along Gilman Drive, was presented by the owner as an information item. The owner would like to develop the land into small research units. Discussion ensued; the land is zoned open space and was mitigated as open space when the condos above were built. Mitigated land designated as open space should not be rezoned.

Next UCPG meeting: October 11, 6:00 PM, Scripps Office Bldg., 10010 Campus Pointe Drive

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