Preferred alternative: Reconfigure Genesee to six-lane roadway? Tunnel under Governor?


october-27This Thursday morning, October 27, at 9 AM, the City Planning Commission will conduct hearings regarding the recent Final PEIR, and its many suggested “mitigations” designed to relieve the current and future issues related to environmental concerns specifically focused on traffic circulation in the larger University City area.

Included in these suggestions are a Genesee tunnel under Governor Drive (a “grade-separated intersection”), reduction of median on Genesee to accommodate the adding of additional lanes, and a “round-about” at Governor and 805.

These are all part of the recommendations to the current University Community Plan amendment, which also includes the elimination of Regents Road Bridge and the widening of Genesee.

Those who have an opinion are urged to attend the Planning Commission meeting; everyone gets their say to the Planning Commission and/or to submit a written comment.

Please note:  

  • Excerpts from Chapter 9, ENVIRONMENTALLY SUPERIOR ALTERNATIVE, page 9-51, of the PEIR: State CEQA Guidelines Section 15126.6(e)(2) requires that an EIR identify which alternative is the environmentally superior alternative among other alternatives considered. Based on this CEQA Guidance and the analysis further detailed in Section 9.0 of the PEIR, the No Construction of Regents Road Bridge and Reconfiguration of Genesee Avenue Alternative would be considered environmentally superior because it would reduce impacts compared to the other proposed alternatives that preserve more open space as it would not construct a bridge structure. Instead, the alternative would restripe the existing four-lane roadway to a six-lane roadway. The No Construction of Regents Road Bridge and Reconfiguration of Genesee Avenue Alternative would construct a grade-separated intersection at Genesee Avenue and Governor Drive.
  • The City Planning Commission meets Thursday, October 27, at 9 AM, at 202 C Street, 12th floor, San Diego.
  • To access the PEIR and for related information, visit

Note: UCCA will not take take a position on the amendment to the University Community Plan. UCCA acts as communication vehicle by identifying issues or concerns and providing a meeting place to discuss said issues or concerns. To review UCCA’s bylaws, visit

For more information from citizens’ advocate groups related to the Community Plan Amendment, see also:


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