Re Illegal Street Racing: Officer Bognuda says to call Police when you observe Drag Racing


Residents who live along Governor Drive east of Genesee and in the La Jolla Crossroads area continue to report illegal drag-racing activity, especially late on Saturday evenings. According to Community Relations Officer Melanie Bognuda, street racing is not permitted nor sanctioned by the San Diego Police Department. The Car Clubs use social media to publicize a meet up location. Very often, the sites are private and they wait until the very last minute to publish the location which leaves the police department without notice of the event.

Officer Bognuda says the police department needs the community to call the non-emergency line at 619-531-2000 to report when these groups are seen or heard gathering. In an emergency, call 9-1-1. This will create a radio call for service and allow officers to respond to shut down the illegal activity. The faster and more consistently we can call police as the gathering sets up, the less desirable a location will become to the Car Clubs. Officer Bognuda asks all to share this information with your neighbors so we can all work together.

Editor’s note: If you didn’t get a chance to call the police at the time of the incident, you can email Officer Bodnuda with information at

Please also contact Barbara Bry‘s office through her University City representative Justine Murray at

If you have access to photos and video, you may send those to Officer Bognuda and Justine Murray also.


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