Mid-Coast Trolley Project On Time and On Budget

June 2021 University City News

As reported in the June issue of University City News: Ramon Ruelas, Mid-Coast Trolley project director, led a presentation at the May UCCA meeting. He reviewed the elements of the final construction, the tentative schedule of stops and time allotments for various destinations, as well as proposed MTS security provisions. The trolley train cars have arrived and testing will begin this Summer with trolley cars on the tracks. The overall project did not have any cost overruns and is scheduled to be running with passengers this Fall.

The project is an 11-mile extension of the UC San Diego Blue Line Trolley, includes nine new stations (five with parking), and brings in 36 new trolley cars. The $2.1 billion project is funded by TransNet and the Federal Transit Administration. The Mid-Coast Trolley will connect the region with anticipated rides from University City of 22 minutes to Old Town, 31 minutes to downtown, 60 minutes to Chula Vista, and 70 minutes to the Mexico border.

For more information, visit https://www.keepsandiegomoving.com/Mid-coast/midcoast-intro.aspx

The PowerPoint presentation is available by clicking on the image below:


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