Off-Market Real Estate Deals in University City

Courtesy of Mike & Alicia O’Sullivan, Real Estate Advisors:

With inventory at all-time lows and prices at all-time highs, competition in UC is fierce.  The success of a BUYER finding the right-fit home is often times dependent on his/her Realtor’s ability to find homes before they hit the market.

Advantages of Off-Market Deals for the BUYER:

  • Less Competition
  • Gift of Time allows for greater due diligenc

Off-Market deals can work well for the Seller in many cases as well, particularly for those that are sensitive to the publicity associated with a standard sale.  This may be rightly-suited for those:

  • Selling after a death in the family
  • Selling with tenants in place (to not disturb)
  • Wanting to test the market

Advantages of Off-Market Deals for the SELLER:

  • Easier/Smoother Process with fewer showings
  • Sales are kept out of the spotlight
  • Negotiations can be more flexible

In my experience, the vast majority of Off-Market deals are Win-Win scenarios.  Buyers in these deals are VERY SERIOUS since they likely don’t reach this point until exploring (and passing on) all On-Market homes – so their motivation is high.  Sellers in these deals can obtain an asking price aligned with their expectations and enjoy a hassle-free sale, by knowing they can always go to the MLS for increased competition should they not get the desired terms.

Take the following example:  Last year the Johnson Family’s mother passed away after living in her UC home for more than 40 years.  Her three children, who were trustees of the estate, lived in different parts of the country and were looking for an easy and seamless transition for the family.  They didn’t want to be bothered with multiple showings as they worked through this difficult time in their lives which involved organizing and parting ways with their mother’s belongings.  Without placing their home on the market, we brought the Johnson Family qualified buyers.  We showed the home once and within two days we negotiated a full price offer.  The Johnson Family was ecstatic they received the price they wanted without the hassle of preparing and showing their home which allowed them to focus on obtaining closure after their mother’s passing.  The buyers were thrilled they found their dream home on the canyon that they had long been searching for!

This Off-Market space is becoming a valuable niche for both buyers and sellers looking for the Win-Win.

If you would like to get visibility to homes in UC before they hit the market or to place your home on our Off-Market list, please give us a call at 619-955-3569 or email us at Website:

Mike and Alicia O’Sullivan are active members of the UC community who specialize in helping families sell and purchase homes in the neighborhood they love to call home. 

Mike & Alicia O’Sullivan, Real Estate Advisors, Ascent Real Estate, 6112-A Regents Rd, San Diego, CA 92122. 619-955-3569 (Mike); 858-945-2679 (Alicia); CalBRE#s 01913803, 01913595

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