UCPG review of June 2017 meeting; Agenda for July meeting


Courtesy of Nancy Groves, University Community Planning Group Rep District 1:

Chair, Janay Kruger announced: 1) The conditional use permit for new concept retail store/tasting room/classroom for craft cocktails by Raised by Wolves is proposed within the UTC mall.  2) There’s a sinkhole on Agee Street caused by a pipe failure.

MCAS Miramar Col. Jason Woodworth reported that the base operates 24/7 usually 8:00am to 12:00pm and not after 6:00pm on Friday and lightly used on Saturday and Sunday. The base is here because 67% of training facilities for the West Coast are near here. Replies to questions from the community: safety and training are priorities, noise studies were done in 2010, and it was the FAA which made the decision to take the real-time flights of military aircraft off the public website.

SDPD gave updates all on the investigation of the shooting at La Jolla Crossroads Apartments.

The Gilman Bridge to connect campus with the medical center will be complete by late 2018. SIO is rehabilitating two of the former NOAA Southwest Fisheries buildings that were originally part of a four-building complex. This new Marine Conservation Facility public review ends July 3.

Senator Toni Atkins’ rep reported on SB47, which allows five more years for petitioning to change felony charges to misdemeanors, saving San Diego $6 million, half of which goes to the city and half to the county. SB41 will provide $600 million to house homeless veterans; $3 million to San Diego. SB2, the affordable housing bill, was passed to provide an ongoing source of revenue. Atkins supported the comprehensive universal single-payer health care coverage and cost control system, but this is not effective until funds are established. The State budget of $127 billion (1.8 of which is to fund the rainy- day fund) includes an earned income tax program for very low-income earners and $50 million held for the university system until audit changes are made.

SANDAG Trolley update: By the end of June the utilities undergrounding will be finished, widening of the Genesee corridor is in progress and will be followed by landscaping. Column work of the UCSD east campus is in progress and west campus is on hold. Roadwork on Regents Rd at Genesee is in progress. Foundation work at VA, Pepper Canyon, and via duct structure will all be night work followed by work on bike lanes and sidewalks. By October the Westfield Transit Center should be complete. Check SHIFT online for dates on Gilman Bridge and Genesee bridge progress. Discussion followed on both making current bike lanes safe by keeping signs out of the lanes and on tree replacement with large trees.

Seritage (Sears redevelopment) announced that Sears is closing the UTC store and re-purposing the main building into two buildings with a west to east walkway down the center. The new project will add 34,000 sq. ft. to the building by making it 2 and 3 stories with the 3rd story section a health club. They are proposing 10-12 different tenants. The Auto center is to be re-purposed to a specialty food market. There was discussion about the large parking lot since there is mass transportation to UTC, but a certain amount is required. Passed.

La Jolla Canyon Condos on the corner of East Gate & Genesee is requesting an amendment for the addition of 48 residential units (10% are affordable housing) on site with 157 existing residential units. They also need to deviate from the height limit by 21’ (23.6 for the elevator shaft on top). They will lose 6 units and parking because the trolley is taking the land to use for the Genesee widening. New 48” box trees will be planted on Genesee. Passed.

Podium 93 is an Alexandria project to transfer 3,744 average daily trips from city owned land on Nobel/805 to the Urban Node. The city must add the parcel to Rose Canyon and make it dedicated open space. Passed.

City Pure Water Phase One: San Diego imports 85% of its water. The city program will provide 1/3 of San Diego’s water supply locally by 2035. The program will include a system of treatment facilities, pump stations, and pipelines that will be constructed in three phases to start 2019 and complete by 2021. Over a 20-year period water will go to three reservoirs– San Vincente, Lake Murray, and Lower Otay. The plan is to capture methane from the landfill to power the water station.

The next UCPG meeting will be July 11, 2017 at Scripps Office Building, 10010 Campus Pointe Drive. Enter to right of bldg. to free parking lot and entrance.

Agenda posted on City’s website at https://www.sandiego.gov/planning/community/profiles/university/agendas

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