Everything you ever wanted to know about Pure Water (toilet-to-tap) construction in Clairemont and University City but were afraid to ask

It’s all here, FAQs newly released by the City of San Diego Pure Water Project: areas of construction, number of days of construction per segment, air vent locations associated with the pressurized pipelines, safety precautions, alternative alignment discussion … and much more.

The Morena Pump Station and Pipelines FAQ also includes detailed information about:

  • Clairemont and University City locations of 14 air vents designed to mitigate potential noxious odors (map on page 1)
  • Proposed pipeline route with locations of tunneling, open trenching and air release valves; includes areas of construction, number of days of construction per segment, which side of street to expect construction (pages 1-3)
  • Safety precautions in advent of a catastrophic event such as earthquake (page 3)
  • Safety preventatives to stymie potential explosions/geysers of raw sewage (page 3)
  • Waste water force main pressure to sewage pipeline contents (page 3)
  • Pipeline insulation (page 4)
  • Evaluation of proposed alternative alignments (page 4)
  • Similar pressurized pipelines in San Diego County (page 5)
  • Operation of air release valves (page 5)
  • Photos of existing air release valves (page 6)
  • Impacts of water hammering to community members (page 7)
  • Depth of pipeline below surface (page 7)
  • Life expectancy of pipe (page 7)
  • Pipeline maintenance procedure (page 8)
  • Map of sewer air valves and trunk sewer pipelines in San Diego (page 9)

Screen prints of PDF document appear at the end of this post. A link to the full document is found on the City’s website at https://www.sandiego.gov/water/purewater/purewatersd/geninfo in the Phase 1 – North City Projects Information section as Morena Pump Station and Pipelines FAQ. The PDF address is https://www.sandiego.gov/sites/default/files/pwsd_morena_pump_station_and_pipelines_qa_-_5-30-18.pdf

UCCA thanks University City’s Council District 1 Bridger Langfur for facilitating the publication of this document in response to community questions.

For more information about the Pure Water (toilet-to-tap) projects, visit https://www.sandiego.gov/water/purewater/purewatersd; if you have additional questions about the Pure Water San Diego Program, please call 619-533-7572 or email purewatersd@sandiego.gov.

For more information about the Pure Water project from University City News, visit https://www.universitycitynews.org/?s=pure+water

FAQ Page 1
FAQ Page 2
FAQ Page 3
FAQ Page 4
FAQ Page 5
FAQ Page 6
FAQ Page 7
FAQ Page 8
FAQ Page 9
Air Vent Locations (image from page 1 PWSD FAQ)

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