City Council Prep for July 28, 2020: Rent-payment extension, Olive Street Park, fair and affordable housing, downtown development, and more

From David Rolland, Council Communications Director: Hello, friends. It’s probably time to start thinking up a new hobby, to take your mind off of the empty void you’ll experience between August 4 and September 9, when there will be no City Council or committee meetings. There are only two more Council meetings before the legislative recess, including tomorrow’s session, which we’ll preview today.

City Council, Tuesday, July 28, agenda includes 10 consent items that won’t be discussed unless someone wants to, plus two ceremonial proclamations. Highlighting the crowded discussion agenda is Item S500, Council President Georgette Gómez’s proposal to extend the rent-payment for residents and small businesses that have found relief in the City’s eviction moratorium. Back in March, when the City Council approved a temporary ban on evictions of tenants who are unable to make rent or lease payments due to the pandemic, the moratorium was effective until May 31 and renters and business owners had until Sept. 25 to pay any unpaid rent. Since then, the moratorium has been extended multiple times and is now effective until Sept. 30. On Tuesday, with COVID-19 cases back on the rise, the Council President will ask her colleagues to push the repayment period out to March 31, 2021.

Other items on the July 28 agenda include:

  • Olive Street Park (Item 335)
  • Popular Market Site (Item S502)
  • City Boards and Commissions (Item 330)
  • San Diego Regional Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (Item 333)
  • Agreement with SDG&E on Montezuma/Mid City Pipeline (Item 332)
  • Subdivision in Ocean Beach (Item 334)
  • Community Facilities Districts Annual Special Tax Levy (Item 331
  • Acquisition of Hillcrest Inn
  • State Housing Funding

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