City Council Prep for Tues, Sept 15: Street Tree Maintenance, Property Management Agreements, Environment Advisory Board, and more

From David Rolland, Council Communications Director: Happy Monday to you all. After last week’s special meeting, the City Council is back this week for its first regularly scheduled meeting following summer recess, and, as usual, we have a rundown of the agenda. If you’d like more detail on anything summarized here, please visit the People’s Business Blog at Available information includes staff report and other pieces of supporting material.

Agenda items include for City Council Tuesday, September 15, 2020, include:

  • Environment Advisory Board (Item S500)
  • Avion Property Project (Item 336)
  • CDBG Allocation to San Diego Workforce Partnership for the TechHire Program (Item 332)
  • Performance Audit: Strategic Human Capital Management (Item 330)
  • Property Management Agreement for 1200 Third Avenue, 201 A Street and 101 Ash Street (Item 331)
  • Temporary Outdoor Operations for Instructional Studios, Barbershops, Hair Salons, Massage Establishments, and Nail Salons, Gyms, Fitness Centers, and Religious Assembly (Item 337)
  • Verizon Mt. Ada Tower Project (Item 335)
  • Street Tree Maintenance Contract (Item 334)
  • FY 2021 Statement of Budgetary Principles (Item 333)

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