Community leaders lobby San Diego to curb use of leaded fuel by small airplanes

From the San Diego Union Tribune: Community leaders concerned about toxic lead pollution from airplane fuel are lobbying San Diego officials to require fuel providers at the city’s two small airports to begin offering an unleaded alternative. They say aviation gas used by small planes, the only remaining type of gasoline allowed to contain lead, is jeopardizing public health near Kearny Mesa’s Montgomery-Gibbs Field and Otay Mesa’s Brown Field. “This is an urgent matter that I think most people are unaware of,” said Quentin Yates, co-founder of the nonprofit Montgomery-Gibbs Environmental Coalition. His group’s efforts have been endorsed by the Clairemont Town Council and the Serra Mesa Community Planning Group, which are also lobbying the city to phase out the sale of leaded fuel at the two airports.

That’s an excerpt from the Union Tribune. Read the entire article by David Garrick at


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